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Outdoor flea control in Wilmington and Myrtle Beach

Living in a lovely warm climate near the beach is a dream come true. That dream unfortunately does come with a few minor inconveniences such as mosquitoes and other warm weather loving pests. Fleas in Wilmington are a problem for most everyone. With a warm moist climate they are just part of the deal. Mosquito Squad of Wilmington and Mosquito Squad of Myrtle beach can also spray for fleas while we are applying our already successful mosquito barrier spray.

Fleas are a huge nuisance to you and your pet. With the itching and the scratching you and your pets become extremely uncomfortable. Not only that, fleas carry many illnesses that can be passed on to such as tularemia, tapeworms, skin dermatitis and anemia. If you aren’t sure if you have fleas, roll your pet onto his back and give him a nice belly rub. Be observant for tiny little specs to run and hide in the warm darker spots on your pet. If you’ve seen fleas or flea bites on you, your kids or your pets we can help get rid of them by getting them out of your yard. Outdoor flea control is a vital component in your flea control arsenal.

How does outdoor flea control work?

Fleas are going to be a problem right up until the first frost, protect yourself and your pets with our flea control program. An additional product is simply added to our mosquito spray for flea and tick protection. We’ll start by spraying the perimeter of your yard and work our way in, paying special close attention to those areas where fleas like to live. The product prevents flea eggs from hatching, ending the life cycle dead in its tracks. To reach maximum flea control it usually takes several treatments. For season long protection we recommend treatment every 3 weeks all summer long.

In addition to our outdoor flea control program it is imperative that you eliminate fleas within your home and treat your pets as recommended by your veterinarian. Fleas from your house will come out on you and your pets and re-infest your yard. Fleas from nearby parks and yards can also ride in on your pets and re-infest your home and yard. Our spray will effectively protect your yard from fleas coming in from next door but you need to continue to protect the inside of your home and your pet.

If you are a current Mosquito Squad customer there is simply a small additional fee for the added product. This additive will eliminate most of the fleas and ticks in your yard, protecting you, your pets and your whole family. If you are not interested in our Mosquito Spray but need flea and tick treatment, we can do that too.

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