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Mosquito Squad is Your Wilmington & Myrtle Beach Leader in Mosquito Control

Welcome to Mosquito Squad of Wilmington, your leader in mosquito control since 2004. It’s our mission to protect you and your loved ones from these annoying pests and the dangerous diseases they carry, such as West Nile Virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, Zika, and more. We offer a variety of mosquito and tick control options, including our traditional barrier treatment, automatic misting systems, and mosquito control for special events.

Highly Effective, Time-Released Treatment for your Wilmington Property

Have you ever tried to spend time outside in your own yard only to be chased back indoors by all the mosquitoes? We know the feeling. Tiki torches and citronella candles are a great idea in theory, but they’re not very effective. And spraying yourself head to toe with mosquito repellant isn’t any fun, not to mention who wants to smell like that. There’s a much better way to take back your yard, and that’s with Mosquito Squad.

We apply our time-released, EPA-registerd barrier treatment to the perimeter of your yard and progress inward with our specially developed, time-released formula. This unique solutions eliminates mosquitoes, ticks, and other yard pests by up to 90% on contact, making it the most effective Wilmington mosquito control on the market. It then adheres itself to the foliage and other surfaces (we take special care to avoid flowers and other blooming plants, no worries), any new bugs that encounter our treatment will also be eliminated. One barrier treatment from Mosquito Squad last for three weeks at a time, and that means more time outside with family and friends, like it was meant to be.

For the Best Wilmington Flea and Tick Control, Call Mosquito Squad

Our special micro encapsulated formula doesn’t just work on mosquitoes, it also eliminates other biting insects, including fleas and ticks. Our four-legged friends are especially vulnerable to these pests, but they’re no match for Mosquito Squad. By using the same process as our barrier treatment, we treat the surfaces of your yard from the outside working our way inward. We give special attention to any tall, grassy areas because they’re where fleas and ticks are most likely to be found, resting, breeding and waiting for their next blood meal. We don’t want that to be you or anyone you love! Pets are family, too, and we’re here to protect them as well.

For your Wilmington flea and tick control, however, we go a step further and employ tick tubes. They’re small, biodegradable tubes stuffed with a treated cotton that excise small animals like mice to take back to their burrows. When a tick attacks one fo these animals, it is eliminated shortly afterward. This proactive approach that Mosquito Squad takes eliminates ticks and flea populations by up to 90%, by going straight to the source and getting rid of them at the source, before they come anywhere near you or your family.

Protecting You and Your Guests at Outdoor Special Events

Are you having an outdoor wedding, graduation party, or other special event? Mosquito Squad offers a special event treatment to make sure your guests remember it for the good memories, not the swatting and itching. Our technicians will come out to the site of the occasion between 24-72 hours in advance and treat the area with our traditional barrier treatment to ensure the only guests are your party are the invited ones. Our treatment dries in about 30 minutes, so it’s easy to schedule around caterers, tent setup, and other pre-event preparation. We’ll be there and gone before you know it.

Automatic Misting Systems — For the Ultimate Wilmington Mosquito Control at the Push of a Button

If you have waterfront property, live near a particularly wooded area, or just want even more control over the mosquito treatment in your yard, we highly recommend one of our automatic misting systems. These systems are easily installed by our technicians and release a 30 second spray at programmed intervals, or at the push of a button with the included remote control. Mosquito Squad strategically installs the misters to be as unnoticeable as possible, and the best part about them is that we take care of all refills and maintenance for you, including seasonal setup and winterization. The only finger you need to lift is the one that pushes the button to trigger the mist!

Prefer an All-Natural Pest Repellant?

While all of Mosquito Squad’s products are EPA-registered, we understand that some people prefer to be as “green” and all-natural as possible. That’s why we also developed a special essential-oil based formula. It’s more of a repellant than an eliminator, but most customers notice a reduction in yard pests anywhere between 70-75%. Also a time-released formula, we highly recommend re-treating every two weeks.

Mosquito Squad Guarantees 100% Satisfaction

We firmly stand behind our products and services and are very confident in their effectiveness; however, if you’re not satisfied for any reason, we’ll either give your property an additional treatment or offer your money back.

Take Back the Freedom to Enjoy Your Yard

Season-long mosquito control for Wilmington and Myrtle Beach is possible, and it starts with giving us a call at (910) 791 – 9800 or filling out the contact form on the right. No matter how we get in touch, we look forward to helping you!

Areas we serve in the Wilmington area

Bald Head Island, Calabash, Carolina Beach, Caswell Beach, Holden Beach, Kure Beach, Myrtle Grove, Oak Island, Ocean Isle Beach, Sea Breeze, Shallotte, Southport, St. James, Sunset Beach, Surf City, Topsail Beach, Wilmington, Wrightsville Beach

Our Services

Pests don't stand a chance.

Traditional Mosquito Control

Mosquito Squad's most popular mosquito control service, our traditional barrier spray will decrease your yard's mosquito population by 85-90%! Our trained technicians treat key areas of your property, eliminating adult mosquitoes on contact and providing continuous protection, reapplying every 2-3 weeks.

Automatic Misting System

Mosquito Squad's mosquito misting system is installed on your property for continuous control, all season long. The system automatically delivers a 30-second spray 2-4 times a day when mosquitoes are known to be at their most active.

Special Event Spray

From outdoor weddings to backyard barbecues, our special event spray keeps your guests off the menu. Our trained technicians will spray the area before the event, creating an odorless barrier, eliminating mosquitoes.

Flea and Tick Control

We are now offering a flea and tick control to protect your family and pets. The spray can be combined with our barrier spray program for complete protection all season long.

Fire Ant Control

Would you like to be rid of fire ants for a full year, guaranteed? We have the only product on the market proven to work and work for 12 months. If you are dealing with fire ants and are ready to say, "No more!" we welcome your call. We mean it when we say, "No bugs. No bites. No kidding."


Satisfied customers: The strongest proof of our performance

Our kids hate getting bug bites when playing outside. But now Mosquito Squad allows our entire family to enjoy more time outdoors.

Erin Z.

We had a Mosquito Squad misting system installed last summer and it has made a huge impact on our backyard. Our 11 year old, who was constantly bitten by bugs, now can play all day without one bite. He raves about it to all his friends in the neighborhood. It’s great for families who want to enjoy their outdoor space.

Sue G.

We called Mosquito Squad last summer when our yard became inundated with mosquitoes. Not only has it allowed us to spend more time outdoors without bug bites, but their service has been wonderful. They call us before and after every spray so we don’t have to worry when we are due or if they’ve been there.

Mark H.

Prompt, and most importantly, EFFECTIVE! I wish it hadn’t taken me 4 years of living on the coast before I made the decision to use your services! We can eat dinner on the back porch now!!

Jennifer S.

Consistent and friendly service and it works!!

Bruce H.

Promptness and efficiency, if they give a time you can depend on them being there.!

Hazel W.

Prompt, efficient, effective.!

Thomas D.

I have no mosquitoes!! Do you know how wonderful it is to sit on my back porch and swing without scratching? It’s wonderful. I also like sending the notices of when you will spray,and before spraying knocking on the door to let me know you are here.!

Melinda C.

Mosquito Squad guys are very nice and professional. I appreciate their thoughtfulness when they ask to make sure my animals are inside before they start spraying. And they are quick! Thank you so much. I am enjoying more time in my yard this year!!

Beth T.

We love to be outside and your service keeps our family from getting bites when we’re out in the yard.!

Jeffrey P.

Mosquito Squad of Wilmington is Totally Reliable – keeps appointment times & responds quickly when questions are asked. The service techs have been super courteous and professional young men who also take care to be thorough. The spray procedure has worked very successfully for two summer! Very please with all staff and the service!!

Susan W.

Product works – bug controlled. Delivery as contracted. Prior notification of day arrival very helpful in planning.!

Robert B.

Even with 600+ acres around us, One spray before a backyard BBQ proved significant results. We went from being eaten alive as soon as we walked out the door, to maybe seeing 2 mosquitoes in 2 weeks.!

Mary Beth H.

Our two boys get eaten up by mosquitoes. With mosquito squad, we are all able to enjoy spending time outside in our yard without the hassle of bug spray.!

Susan T.

Provided good notice of visits and the darn stuff works!!

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