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Imagine it’s a nice, warm summer day and you’re out on your deck, trying to enjoy a cool glass of sweet tea, a cookout, and the company of family and friends. Things are going great, but as the day rolls on and the sun starts to set, you’re finding everyone’s swatting mosquitoes more and more. You finally give up and go inside. The mosquitoes won again.

Chances are, this scenario sounds familiar, and you’ve probably been there before. It’s no fun not being able to enjoy your own outdoor oasis, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Aside from being annoying bugs that cause itchy bites, mosquitoes carry some serious diseases that nobody should need to worry about. West Nile virus is the most well-known, and as of August 29, 2017 there were five cases of West Nile virus in North Carolina including two deaths. Believe it or not, West Nile virus is on the milder side of mosquito-borne illnesses one can contract, as they’re literally the most deadly animal in the world. Aside from the “usual” mosquito-related diseases, there are other arboviruses we need to worry about.

Here at Mosquito Squad, we’re here to protect you. While it’s true that the Town of Oak Island sprays for mosquitoes with fogging trucks every 10-14 days, a municipal program like that is more concerned with public areas like parks, wetlands, and on the streets, not private properties. Their services rarely help homeowners protect themselves and their families in their own backyards. In fact, most often, the mosquito control trucks they deploy and fog for mosquitoes at night don’t actually help your front yard much. It may reach the end of your driveway, but there’s no guarantee their mosquito control Oak Island will even touch your front porch, where your guests first arrive. While we applaud Oak Island for their public mosquito control efforts, private properties aren’t their domain. And that’s OK. That’s where Mosquito Squad comes in.

Mosquito Squad’s traditional barrier spray treatment is your best defense against mosquitoes on your property, hands down.

Oak Island mosquito control treatment that lasts

The mosquito control treatment that municipalities and like Oak Island use is a one-time, on-contact treatment for adult mosquitoes called adulticide. That doesn’t cover the larvae about to become grownup mosquitoes in a very short time after their parents are gone, nor the new biting, buzzing visitors to your property.

Mosquito Squad has a different approach — we developed a special, micro encapsulated formula that not only eliminates mosquitoes on contact, but makes sure they’re eliminated for three weeks after our treatment is dispersed.

How it works:

Mosquito Squad’s highly-trained technicians will come out to your property and inspect it first, treating any standing water pools and any other potential mosquito breeding sites with larvicide to eliminate any existing larvae and prevent future ones. Then we treat the perimeter of your yard with our odorless barrier spray, working our way inward. We take extra care to avoid flowers and other blooming plants that bees like to pollinate, but we definitely cover all other surfaces, including foliage, bushes, trees, and the underside of leaves. We also treat other surfaces where they like to be, such as woodpiles, under decks and on porches, patios, garden gnomes, and more. (Yes, garden gnomes.)

Our EPA-registered formula only takes 30 minutes to dry, at which time your family and pets can return to your yard. When it is dry, it is now adhering to all the surfaces it was applied to, and for three weeks after initial distribution, any new mosquitoes or other biting insects that come into contact with it will also be eliminated by up to 90%.There’s no need to even worry about remembering to call us for reapplication of our barrier treatment, because we offer seasonal barrier treatment plans so you can enjoy summers in your yard and leave the bugs up to us.

Don’t forget Oak Island tick control!

When people think of tick-borne diseases, they most likely think of Lyme disease. While it’s true that Lyme disease is most prevalent in the Northeast, it definitely happens here in North Carolina. Rick Lagina, one of the hosts of the reality TV show The Curse of Oak Island, contracted Lyme disease last year and raised a lot of awareness about it in our area by openly discussing his experience on the show. There are many other, even more serious tick-borne pathogens that we could get into, but basically — ticks are no joke and their dangers should not be taken lightly.

At Mosquito Squad, we specialize in tick control, and have a two-pronged approach to ensure elimination of at least 90% of ticks on your property — adults, nymphs, and eggs. It’s our priority to make sure these dangerous little monsters don’t come anywhere near you, your family, or your pets.

Oak Island tick control — Step One:

Similar to our traditional mosquito barrier spray, we first treat your property from the perimeter and work our way inward. We make sure to treat all foliage while avoiding flowers, plus surfaces around and underneath patios and decks. But for ticks, we give extra attention to the tall grassy areas, because that’s where they usually hide out — breeding, resting, and well, waiting for dinner. It’s our job to make sure it’s not you!

Like our mosquito barrier treatment, the formula is also time released with ticks, which means it eliminates adults on contact and also any that encounter the residue for three weeks before needing reapplication. This way it also prevents future ticks by stopping their eggs from hatching, which halts their next generation.

But we don’t stop there.

Oak Island tick control — Step Two

While it’s true that not all ticks are carriers of scary diseases, the only way to tell if a tick is a carrier of anything scary is after we’re bitten. That’s not a gamble anyone should ever take. So we implement tick tubes, which are small, biodegradable tubes filled with a treated cotton that entice mice. Mice love to take the cotton back to their burrows to make them nice and cozy. Most ticks in the nymph stage get their blood meal from these mice and other small mammals, so when one decides to take a bite, it is eliminated shortly afterwards. By using this “straight to the source” strategy, Mosquito Squad is able to ensure that ticks don’t come anywhere near you or your family, and guarantees 90% or more elimination of the tick population on your property. By taking this proactive approach, we’re stopping the cycle of disease before it even starts. Because this strategy is also time-released, so we recommend reapplication of our barrier spray and replacing tick tubes every three weeks.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

As the most trusted name is mosquito and tick control, we’re serious about protecting you and your loved ones from biting bugs and the potentially serious diseases they carry. We firmly stand behind our products and services, but if there’s any reason you’re not happy, please let us know. We’ll either give your property an additional treatment or offer your money back.

For the most effective mosquito control in Oak Island and Oak Island tick control, contact Mosquito Squad today. Give us a call at (910) 791 – 9800, email us at [email protected], or fill out the contact form on our home page. We look forward to helping you take back your yard!

For the ultimate in Oak Island mosquito control, consider a misting system

Have you ever considered controlling mosquitoes at the press of a button? With our mosquito misting systems, you can treat your yard at any time. Our strategically placed series of misters provide protection every night, which is when mosquitoes are most active. They come with a remote control app, so you can adjust the misting schedule at any time, or trigger it at your command.

Misting systems are especially ideal if you live near a particularly woodsy or marshy area, have waterfront property, or especially a barn. There’s no need to worry about protecting your Oak Island mosquito control misting system over the winter, or even any maintenance. Once installed, Mosquito Squad takes care of all refills, maintenance, summer setup, winterization, and any other attention it may need for a nominal fee.

Keep your guests off the mosquito menu with our special event services

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, family reunion, or other special event and want to make sure it’s not invaded by dangerous “unwanted guests,” we offer special event services where we’ll come to the site one to three days in advance and distribute our micro encapsulated barrier treatment.

You and your guests will have a much more enjoyable party without buzzing, swatting, and itching. Since it dries in about a half hour, it’s easy to schedule around caterers, tent set-up, and other event preparation. We’ll be there and gone before you know it.

Looking for an all-natural alternative?

We can definitely accommodate. Even though all of Mosquito Squad’s products are EPA-registered, we understand that some people prefer to stay as “green” as possible, which is why we also offer an all natural barrier treatment option. We developed this formula mainly with essential oils, which acts more as a repellant of mosquitoes than an eliminator.

While not quite as effective as our traditional tick and mosquito control treatment, most customers notice a significant reduction in yard pests, usually between 65-80%. Also time released solution, our all-natural formula should be reapplied to your yard every two weeks, instead of every three that the traditional barrier spray would need. Mosquito Squad’s all-natural barrier treatment option is perfect for your eco-friendly home.

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