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Mosquito Squad of Wilmington strives to provide the ultimate protection against mosquitoes and ticks combined with the ultimate service. We back our service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee to give our customers the best of both. But don’t just take our word for it — read what some of our satisfied customers had to say.

"They are doing a great job. Even with all of the rain we have been getting I can enjoy the backyard without having to run from swarms of mosquitoes. I’ve been using them for the last couple of years and found it so successful that i redid and enlarged the rear deck.” — Vince M.

"A mosquito bite for my husband is a week of discomfort. We tried other companies before a friend mentioned that she also was highly sensitive to mosquito bites. She told me she now can work outside all summer because she uses Mosquito Squad. We tried it. My husband and I pressure washed I deck two weeks ago—no bites. We stained the deck last week. Previously he would not help with the care of the backyard and now he is out there. He owns long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, jackets and socks that have a mosquito treatment. They have been in the closet all summer. Previously he dressed in that apparel to go outside in the summer.” — Eugene G.

"Mosquito Squad is the best money I spend. It has made it possible for our family to enjoy our yard without constantly swatting mosquito’s and other bugs. The Grandkids are now able to enjoy playing in Grandma’s yard without getting bug bites the minute they go out. I told my husband we will find something else to give up if money is ever tight because we are not giving up the Mosquito Squad!” — Glenda B.

"Night and day difference when they spray the yard. We went from unable to spend more than 5 minutes outside to virtually mosquito free in the first treatment. Since that time I haven’t let the service run out and don’t intend to.

Nice people in the office, the owner personally came and sprayed after a storm that started after the first application. The techs are nice and always email before so you can keep pets inside.

A+ Worth every penny”
— Eric P.

"This is a great company who offers superior service. I have had no unfavorable experiences since beginning their services three years ago. They are very accommodating as far as being sensitive to individual requests. They are definitely five star.” — Barry A.

"2018 is the first time I have used a service like ‘Mosquito Squad’ and I could not be more pleased with the product and the customer service. Everything has been great and it’s just been a very positive experience for me. I can walk out on my deck now and not be attacked by mosquitos. My lawn is free of fire ants. I will be using Mosquito Squad again in 2019. I am a very happy customer.” —Trish H

"They arrive when they say they will. It is amazing to me the difference I have seen in the mosquito population in our yard. We live in a tree/plant dense neighborhood with ponds on two sides of our yard. I can now go work in my yard in the evenings and not get eaten alive. Will keep my service year to year.” — Laurie C.

"I have been a customer of Mosquito Squad for several years. They are really good about letting me know when they are going to be spraying so we can make sure our dog is not outside. The majority of the time they significantly reduce the issue with the mosquitos and on the one occasion when we had an issue they returned to re-spray, which I really appreciate. I have also used their flea and tick spray service with much success.” —Vicky D.

We have found that Mosquito Squad of Wilmington stands behind their product and they give excellent service. Thank you Mosquito Squad for given us our yard back. We are one again enjoying our yard.” — Ann C.

"Mosquito Squad has been treating my yard for about 4 years now and I am very happy of their level of protection, their over-the-top customer service, and their quick response to come back and re-treat if mosquitos come back before the next scheduled application. They have been a pleasure to deal with from the beginning. With 4 young grandsons playing in my backyard a lot, keeping mosquitos away from them is a main priority for my wife and me.” — Roy W.

"I was skeptical the spraying would work as I am a ‘mosquito magnet’. But it’s made a big difference! This summer, I’m actually able to enjoy sitting out on the back patio anytime of the day or evening.” — Debra K.

"Mosquito free, FINALLY! Thank you for working with me on scheduling a technician so quickly after another company could not get rid of my mosquito’s. You guys rock!” — Jess W.

"After just the 1st treatment, we are able to enjoy our pool, bbq, yard work and more. Even the dogs aren’t needing as many flea treatments as before . Thank you Mosquito Squad!” — Toni C.

"One of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Like lots of us in Eastern NC, our house is built on top of marsh land, so the Mosquito Squad treatment has saved our summer!” — Elizabeth M.

"I am enjoying my yard and porch since Mosquito Squad treated the property! The swarms of mosquitos are no longer pursuing me or my guests. I am pleased to see bees around my flowers despite a recent treatment but no mosquitos in sight!” — Deb W.

"Great service. Very polite on the phone and prompt scheduling. It only took one application to stop the mosquitos, no seeums and other pests, didn’t bother the bees or the little lizards and toads we have in the yard. I really like thats theres no contract too. I would highly recommend Mosquito Squad, its a great product and great service. Very happy I had our yard sprayed” — Jennifer O.

"We have used Mosquito Squad a few times, the most recent in preparation for a backyard wedding. We had tremendous success! I didn’t get bit one single time and I typically get bitten within a few minutes of being outdoor. Our property backs into a canal so there’s always a ton of mosquitoes but not after they sprayed. We have been very happy and it’s allowed us to spend more time outdoors which is always nice. Thank you!” — Janette G.

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