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Mosquito Squad of Wilmington’s Customer Reviews

Mosquito Squad of Wilmington strives to provide the ultimate protection against mosquitoes and ticks combined with the ultimate service. We back our service with a 100% guarantee to give our customers the best of both. Read what some of our satisfied customers had to say.

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Here’s what our customers are saying:

Prompt service and courteous Jane M., Bolivia, NC

WE LOVE OUR YARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO MOSQUITOS AND NO FUSS! Sue G., Wilmington, NC

Easy, speedy, friendly. Kate W., Carolina Beach, NC

I like the fact I don’t have problems with mosquitos once you start for the season. That is it plain and simple. Mosquito Squad is an easy company to work with. they are here when they say they will and I don’t see mosquitos anymore once they start spraying for the season. I would recommend your company and I do every day. Dee C., Wilmington, NC

Always very courteous and prompt with services weather permitting. Secondly, I am never questioned when ask to repeat a spray. My son and I would not be able to enjoy the outdoors as we do without the services provided by mosquito squad. Much thanks!!!! Michelle K., Cary NC

Not one mosquito since our first spraying! Don N., Goldsboro, NC

Once the service was completed we have been able to enjoy sitting outside without getting bite. Scott H., Hampstead, NC

Before Mosquito Squad I could open my car door and have2 or 3 mosquitos fly in, they were everywhere! After mosquito squad, I have not seen one yet! It is not nice to be able to sit outside or play with our dog in the backyard without mosquitos everywhere! Kathryn N., Leland, NC

Consistent, reliable service and great product! We tried several methods to eliminate the bugs in our yard and Mosquito Squad does the trick. Without Mosquito Squad, the kids and pets couldn’t even go outside because of the no see ums and mosquitoes. Elise H., Wilmington, NC

We have been loyal customers for three years and it is money well spent!! We couldn’t live without this service. Thank you!!!" John S., Leland, NC

It really works! Several years ago I had a fund raiser with 300 people in the yard. The mosquitoes were so bad it was embarrassing. Since contracting with MS 3 or 4 years ago, I have had 0 mosquito problems. Mike M., Wilmington, NC

I like that, even though our backyard butts up to a swampy area, my dog and I can play Frisbee all summer without swatting the whole time we are outside. Thank you very much. Jamie M., Leland, NC

We’ve only had one treatment and haven’t seen a mosquito since! And they always seem to find me if they are around! Edwin L., Wilmington, NC

IT WORKS! Having this service added hours of outside time to each day! Whether it was morning or evening we were mosquito free and we loved it! Carolyn W., Wilmington, NC

No mosquitos and virtually no no-see-ums. The person who provided the service was very thorough and polite. I highly recommend this service. Leon H., Southport, NC

I can sit outside and enjoy the summer weather without being attacked. I wish I would of done it sooner. I wouldn’t dream of calling another place to spray my yard! Blythe L., Wilmington, NC

You have a wonderful service, I had tried everything and nothing seemed to work. With your service my kids are able to play outside again! I will continue to use you and will absolutely recommend you to my friends. Shyela L., Wilmington, NC

Very professional! Haven’t seen a mosquito at our lake house this summer! That is amazing considering the amount of rain we have had! Thank you! Terry P., Whiteville, NC

Our experience has been outstanding! The guys will show up on time and will be sure that our dog is in the house before they began to spray! We have been very pleased with the results. The Mosquitoes are gone! Marty M., Wilmington, NC

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