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Finally! Mosquito control that works for "that" person!

We all know one of “those people” — the mosquito magnets, the people that get bitten way more than “normal” people. Perhaps you are one of “those” people. We’ve even written about why some people attract more mosquitoes than others. (Hint: Much of it has to do with things you can’t control.) But recently, we received a review from the wife of one of “those people,” that we just have to share. She writes,

A mosquito bite for my husband is a week of discomfort. We tried other companies before a friend mentioned that she also was highly sensitive to mosquito bites. She told me she now can work outside all summer because she uses Mosquito Squad. We tried it. My husband and I pressure washed I deck two weeks ago—no bites. We stained the deck last week. Previously he would not help with the care of the backyard and now he is out there. He owns long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, jackets and socks that have a mosquito treatment. They have been in the closet all summer. Previously he dressed in that apparel to go outside in the summer.

As a company whose goal is to make sure that people (especially “those people”) can enjoy their yards again from the nuisance and dangers of mosquitoes, reading this couldn’t make us any happier! But you might also be wondering, “Wait — there’s clothing with mosquito treatment?”

Technically, yes, there is clothing that is marketed to repel mosquitoes. It’s treated with permethrin, the only insect repellent approved by the EPA to be used on clothing, according to the National Pesticide Information Center. It is used in such low amounts that it doesn’t pose a health risk if applied properly to the fabric. While it has been used in military combat uniforms for years, its effectiveness is highly subjective.

Consumer Reports, the most trusted name in unbiased product testing and research, tested some mosquito-repellant clothing and found that some worked better than others, and none were as effective against bites as an ordinary shirt sprayed with DEET. Nothing they tested was absolutely foolproof and in every case, regardless of how effective the clothing might be, you still need to spray your exposed skin, including hands, neck, and face, with bug spray.

While we understand why someone would want to consider this option while they’re, say, camping out in the woods, here at Mosquito Squad we ask, “Why go to those lengths at home if you don’t really have to?” Treating your yard with our barrier treatment will keep 90% of the bugs away for nearly three weeks at a time, PLUS you don’t need to bundle up and spray yourself (and keep spraying yourself) with nasty, sticky bug spray just to do some work around the house and/or enjoy a nice evening out on the deck. As the lady wrote in the review above, there’s no need to with Mosquito Squad!

Treat your yard, not yourself. Call Mosquito Squad to take back your yard and protect yourself from the swatting, the itching, and the potentially dangerous mosquito-borne diseases. Give us a call at 910-791-9800 to get started today and enjoy your outdoors at home the way you were meant to — worry free. We look forward to helping you!

Are mosquito-repelling plants effective?

There seems to be a lot of buzz lately about planting certain plants in your yard and garden that keep away mosquitoes. Things like lavender, rosemary, lemongrass, and even basil are highly touted by many a garden magazine or homeopath as mosquito repellants. Here at Mosquito Squad, we’re not about to discourage anyone from livening up their landscape with certain plants. After all, they can bring beauty to your yard and smell great. But how effective is such a strategy?

The answer is “not very,” and for very practical reasons.

While fragrant plants are not particularly attractive to mosquitoes, they don’t necessarily deter them. If you have a patch of lavender in your yard, it will look beautiful and that area of your yard might have fewer mosquitoes, but they won’t necessarily stay away. Plus, that would be the only area of your yard that you could hang out in to lessen your chances of being bitten. Your yard could be filled with these pleasant-smelling plants from corner to corner, but there’s no guarantee you’re going to be protected, because trust us — mosquitoes can and will find a way to bite you. Even if you carried one of these plants around with you everywhere you went in your yard, a mosquito might not bite your hand you’re carrying it with, but who’s to say it won’t bite your leg? And why would you want to do that, anyway? Not very practical.

The bottom line is that while fragrant greenery can definitely bring beauty to your yard, there’s no way that they’re at all effective in keeping the majority of mosquitoes away.

When Mosquito Squad treats your yard with one of our barrier treatments, however, our formula will knock down mosquitoes on contact and then continue eliminating them for up to three weeks. When we treat your yard, we take care to avoid flowering plants, bushes, and things that bees like to pollinate, but otherwise treat all vegetation and surfaces from the perimeter of your property and work our way inward. Our formula dries in about 30 minutes, at which time you and your family are welcome to return to your yard. Once it is dry, it forms an odorless, colorless “barrier” on everything that was sprayed up on it. For the next 21 days or so, any time a mosquito, tick, or other biting bug lands on the invisible residue, it is eliminated.

How does our formula work? We developed our solution to be time-released through micro encapsulation. Micro encapsulation is a process in which tiny particles or droplets are surrounded by a coating to create small “capsules,” which have many useful properties. There are many different ways to do this which we won’t get into, but basically, our micro encapsulation is the same as what allows many medications to be “extended release.” Our process controls the pace that the chemicals we use are released from their capsules, which makes it more much effective than a nice smelling herb or flower. Our barrier treatments service and EPA-registered formula is guaranteed to eliminate nearly 90% of mosquitoes, ticks, and other biting bugs in your yard — or your money back.

As we said, we’re not against enhancing your landscape with certain plants that mosquitoes don’t particularly care for. They do smell nice and and can certainly beautify your yard. But don’t expect that strategy to be anywhere near as effective in protecting you from mosquitoes as you’d like. Call Mosquito Squad of Wilmington 910-791-9800 for nearly 90% elimination of mosquitoes in your yard for up to three weeks at a time. Consultation is always free. We look forward to helping you take back your yard!

Why not Terminix, Orkin or TruGreen to treat mosquitoes?

A common question people have when it comes to controlling their mosquito problem is why would they bother calling Mosquito Squad, a mosquito control specialist, when they can just call a company like Terminix, Orkin, or even TruGreen? They take care of mosquitoes, too. Why not use them instead?

Well, there are some key differences when we’re talking about the “big name” companies. See, before 2005, there was no such thing as private outdoor mosquito control for one’s home. Mosquito Squad created the barrier treatment formula and thus, created the industry. Many copycat mosquito control companies followed, but we remain the leaders and the specialists in home mosquito control.

Realizing how successful the private mosquito control business was, Terminix and Orkin decided to get in on the game and add those bugs as thing they eliminated as well. TruGreen isn’t even an extermination company — they’re a lawn care company! All three of these “big name” businesses added mosquito control, as an add-on service once Mosquito Squad came on the scene. A big problem of theirs is that their programs are not designed to control mosquitoes consistently through the season without reduction in effectiveness. To effectively eliminate mosquitoes, you need to use mosquito-specific chemicals such as we do, that have a micro encapsulated formula which releases its active ingredients gradually, eliminating mosquitoes for weeks on end.

Between the two extermination companies, one of them claims that they’d “choose one of two methods” to control mosquitoes on your property — either a larvicide or adulticide, and they’ll check back in a month to see if you’re satisfied.

At Mosquito Squad, we ask, “Why choose and either/or approach?” We use both, our formula is guaranteed to be nearly 90% effective for for three weeks. After that, we recommend another treatment. There is no way that their either/or mosquito treatment can be effective for an entire month, period. Their guarantee actually says, “If we can’t solve your mosquito problem, we’ll refund a portion of your service charge as long as you’re a customer.”

A portion?

With Mosquito Squad, if you’re not 100% satisfied with our products and services, we’ll either re-treat your yard or offer a 100% refund.

Let’s talk about that “month” claim at bit more.

TruGreen claims that you’ll be “mosquito free within 24 hours” and their treatments are every month. They do offer a “mosquito free guarantee” where they’ll treat your yard again between treatments if you do notice biting mosquitoes, which is nice, but . . . the formula they use simply does not last for a month. Mosquito Squad’s micro encapsulated is the absolute longest lasting on the market, which eliminates nearly 90% of the mosquitoes in your yard for up to three weeks at a time. We’re constantly testing our competitors’ formulas in our labs, comparing them with our own, in order to develop the most effective on the market. We do the science, and we know that their claims are highly exaggerated and they’re betting on the fact that most people are too lazy to actually call for a re-treatment.

For the record, we don’t want to knock the “big” home pest control companies. They’re great at what they do — the indoor stuff. If you’ve got a problem with cockroaches or termites, give the Orkin Man a call. He’s great at those. But if you want a specialist in mosquito and tick control, call the pros at Mosquito Squad.

TruGreen is a lawn care company, not a pest control company. Would you trust Mosquito Squad, or even Terminix or Orkin, to keep your lawn looking pretty and green? Of course not. That’s not what we do and is a completely different industry.

Think of it this way — if you’ve got a specific medical problem that requires a specialist, for example you need brain surgery . . . you’re not going to go to your family doctor, a generalist, to do the job. No, you’re going to go to a brain surgeon, because that’s what they specialize in.

So if you need help with mosquito and tick control on your property, you’ve got to call the pros at Mosquito Squad. We guarantee nearly 90% reduction of the mosquito and tick population on your property or three weeks straight, or your money back. Not a portion of it. We’re the specialists, we’re the inventors of the home mosquito control industry, and the leaders. The effectiveness of our products are proven, not exaggerated claims like competitors’. Call Mosquito Squad of Wilmington today at 910-791-9800 for the most effective mosquito and tick control you can find. It’s not brain surgery!

Are you tired of pulling ticks off your pets? Our Wilmington NC tick control is 90% effective at eliminating ticks AND mosquitoes.

You probably already do have some kind of tick-control treatment for your pet, either in the form of a topical treatment or chewable. But those don’t actually repel ticks — they eliminate them after your pet has been bitten. Theoretically, that would be okay, if you were okay with your dog or cat getting bitten by ticks in the first place. A tick needs to stay attached for at least 18 hours before they transmit disease, and unfortunately, ticks have a tendency to hide in areas on our pets that aren’t always noticeable, like between the digits on their paws. The amount of time that a veterinarian-recommended tick treatment for your pet to take effect on a tick all varies by brand and by pet, so there’s no guaranteeing your pet is actually safe.

Our pets can become infected with many of the same tick-borne diseases as humans do, especially Lyme disease. It is by far one of the most well-known tick-borne diseases affecting dogs, cats, and many wild animal species. It’s important to note that animals do not get the obvious bullseye rash common in humans at the bite site of a tick carrying Lyme disease, which makes it more difficult to diagnose. Though, while it sometimes takes a week or two to manifest in humans, symptoms of Lyme disease in our animals usually appear quite suddenly.

If you notice your pup is normal one day and can’t stand or walk the next that’s a big sign that something is wrong. Sudden-onset lameness is a surefire indication that Lyme disease is present. Lameness of limbs is caused by joint pain, and if it’s because of Lyme, it has a tendency to “shift,” meaning it may affect different limbs at different times. Lethargy is also a key feature, as well as increased thirst and urination, fever, and appetite loss. Other symptoms of Lyme disease in dogs and cats include walking with a stiff and arched back, sensitivity to touch, and difficulty breathing. Some breeds of dogs may even develop kidney problems, especially Labrador retrievers, golden retrievers, and Shetland sheepdogs, who seem to be predisposed to kidney disease.

We all love our pets. They’re not “pets” so much as they’re family members. And they’re actually at a higher risk of contracting a tick-borne disease than humans are. Why? If you think about it, they’re much closer to the ground, which makes it much easier for ticks to hitch a ride and use our furry friends for their next blood meal. Plus, our pets love to roll around in the grass and wander into tick-infested areas that humans generally don’t make a point to venture into.

The good news is that Mosquito Squad’s barrier treatment is equally effective on ticks as it is on mosquitoes. Meaning that it also eliminates nearly 90% of ticks in your yard for up to 21 days, too. Our Wilmington NC tick control also uses tick tubes, which allow small animals such as mice to assist in the elimination of ticks. They take a treated cotton back to their nests which eliminates ticks in their younger life stages when they try to feed on these animals.

The best way to keep them safe from ticks and tick-borne illnesses is to avoid ticks all together. Protecting your pets from getting tick-borne diseases is just as important as protecting your family, and not to mention our Wilmington NC tick control can eliminate ticks when your regular tick control cannot. Plus, you won’t have to worry about whether or not there is a tick hiding somewhere on your pet under its fur that you can’t easily see. Call Mosquito Squad of Wilmington at 910-791-9800 today to eliminate the majority of the tick population in your yard. A consultation is always free, and the freedom you have from worries is priceless!

What does "satisfaction guaranteed" really mean?

Here at Mosquito Squad, we back each and every one of our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, or your money back.

But what does that really mean?

Many companies will make the same claim, but if customers tell them they’re not happy with their service, oftentimes the company will ask plenty of questions as though the customer is somehow at fault, or downright argue with unhappy customers before issuing a refund or additional service. (Yes, this happens.)

But not with Mosquito Squad. We firmly stand behind the effectiveness of our products and pride ourselves on our quality service. Which means, that if you get a barrier treatment, special event treatment, tick control treatment, or any other service and don’t think it’s as effective as it should have been, just give us a call and we’ll come back out and administer an additional treatment for free, no questions asked. If you don’t want another treatment and are simply unhappy, we’ll refund your money without giving you a hassle about it. Nothing is greater than our passion for customer service excellence.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a long-time customer or a brand new one, we want our customers to be happy, bug-bite free, and protected from vector-borne illnesses. We’ll do whatever we can to make it right, because that’s who we are. Mosquito Squad is the most trusted name in mosquito and tick control for a reason. So call Mosquito Squad of Wilmington at 910-791-9800 for up to 90% fewer biting bugs in your yard for three weeks at a time, or your money back — guaranteed. We mean it when we say, “No bugs, no bites, no kidding.” We look forward to helping you take back your yard!

Don’t jeopardize your big day — keep the mosquitoes away with Mosquito Squad

Are you a future bride, looking forward to celebrating your “big day” in Wilmington? You’ve likely got a lot on your plate leading up to the ceremony. There’s the dress alterations, choosing the linens, the decorations, the cake, the guest list, and even the seating arrangements . . . there are so many things to think about to make your special day “just right.” Regardless of whether you’re getting married at 128 South, Beau Rivage, Wrightsville Manor, Hotel Ballast, or any of the area’s other beautiful wedding destinations, we know that weddings are a huge expenditure both on the pocketbook and on your stress level.

But what you may not have on your mind, however, is that regardless of how many guests you have or where they’re sitting, they’ll inadvertently present themselves as an all-you-can-eat buffet for mosquitoes in the area. How much is it worth to make sure mosquitoes don’t ruin your big day? Call Mosquito Squad for a one-time special event service to make sure you, your future husband, and your guests are comfortable on your wedding day, mosquito-free.

A day or two before your wedding day, our technicians will visit the venue and treat the entire outdoor area with our signature barrier treatment, which will guarantee nearly 90% fewer mosquitoes at your event. It generally takes about 20 minutes to distribute the treatment (depending on the size of the venue), and only takes 30 minutes to dry, so it is very easy to fit us into your final party preparation appointments. We’re flexible, too — so if something changes last minute (say, the decorators came early or your future mother-in-law insists on poking around the event site at the final hours), just let us know and we can accommodate. It’s your wedding day, so everything should be just right.

Don’t let this happen to you!

Also for wedding planners and consultants

If you’re a wedding planner or consultant, we know there are many services you offer your clients in preparation for their wedding day. But is “keeping the wedding mosquito free” among them? You know that there are so many things that could possibly go wrong on someone’s “big day,” and a big part of your job is making sure those things don’t happen. Add Mosquito Squad’s special event spray to your list of services to ensure your clients and their guests aren’t constantly swatting, smacking, and itching themselves on the big day. Presenting nearly 90% fewer mosquitoes for the greater comfort of everyone at the celebration should definitely be a standard in your scope of services, and can give you the competitive edge for brides-to-be who are in the early stages of choosing someone to help them plan the wedding of their dreams. Who wouldn’t want a mosquito-free wedding?

Whether you’re a wedding consultant or a future bride handling the planning yourself, be sure to call Mosquito Squad of Wilmington today at 910-791-9800 for a free consultation on how we can help “getting hitched” go off without a hitch. We look forward to hearing from you!

Are you the person that mosquitoes love?

Doesn’t it seem like some people attract more mosquitoes than others? Does it seem like you’re one of those people? It’s not all in your imagination — mosquitoes do favor some people more than others. So what is it about you that makes some people more mosquito-irresistible?

Well, there are a number of reasons, but just like not all people share the same palate, different mosquitoes have different tastes, too. Yet if you’re one of the popular ones on the mosquito menu, you probably don’t care if what’s biting you is Aedes aegypti, Culex pippins, or some other species. You just want them to stop.

Let’s take a look at some of the factors that makes the biters more bite-y on some folks:

The color of your clothing

Mosquitoes aren’t exactly the fashion police, but they definitely are attracted to darker colors. In the outside world full of bright greens of foliage, light-colored patios and decks, and overall vibrant colors, darker shades stand out to them and they’re most likely to target you. So if your wardrobe is similar to Wednesday Addams’, these tiny vampires have a better chance of biting you.

Body heat

What draws a mosquito in to take a bite and get her blood meal (only the females bite) is body heat. If you’ve got a normal temperature that is slightly higher than the usual 98.6 F, you’re a beacon of warm, fresh blood. This actually puts pregnant women at a higher risk, as their body temperature averages a degree or two more than “normal.” Many studies about this have been done, and unfortunately, is a very big problem in regions like Africa, where malaria is rampant.


There’s nothing wrong with having a brew or two at a picnic or barbecue, but if you do — know that you’re a prime target for mosquitoes. They’re not exactly sure why, but studies have shown that mosquitoes are more attracted to people after they’ve been drinking. Even a single beer can increase mosquito bites.

Moving around

Seriously. Just by moving, mosquitoes will be drawn to you. They’re detecting your body heat and it’s easier to identify you as a walking meal. Yes, this is stupid, but it’s true.

Carbon dioxide

This is another one that goes under “stupid but true.” Simply by breathing out, mosquitoes can be attracted to you. They use an organ called a maxillary palp to do this, and can detect CO2 from over 150 people away. Consequently, people who breathe out more (generally heavier people) have been shown to attract more mosquitoes than others.

Your blood type

Just like some people prefer Coke to Pepsi, mosquitoes prefer Type O over Type B, and Type A comes in last place. Type O people are the most valuable blood donors for people and mosquitoes. So, if you’re one of the tasty Type Os, there’s unfortunately nothing you can do.

Properties of your skin and sweat

Nearly 85% of one’s susceptibility to mosquitoes has nothing to do with what they’re drinking, wearing, or whether they’re moving or breathing. Like blood type, it’s nothing you can control — it all comes down to genetics. The levels of lactic acid, ammonia, uric acid, and other things that you naturally produce in your sweat, as well as the composition of you the bacteria on your skin, make you a tastier treat to mosquitoes.

So . . . yes, some people are absolutely more attractive to mosquitoes, and if you’re one of their favorites, unfortunately most of these reasons are things you can’t control. But you can control mosquitoes in your yard so that they don’t view you and your family as an all-you-can-eat buffet. Call Mosquito Squad of Wilmington today to schedule a barrier treatment and you’ll be free from up to 90% of mosquitoes in your yard for three weeks at a time. Our number is 910-791-9800, and ask about seasonal plans for worry-free, continuous protection. Of if you prefer, drop us a line via the contact form on our home page and we’ll reach out to you. It’s time to take back your yard and protect your family from mosquitoes, and we’re here to help. We look forward to hearing from you!

What exactly IS mosquito barrier protection spray?

As the pioneers in private mosquito control, we at Mosquito Squad know that the idea still seems foreign to many people. Prior to 2005, nobody even thought that it was possible to control mosquitoes in one’s own yard by creating an “invisible fence.” But we did, and that’s how we invented the industry of private mosquito control. With our signature barrier treatment spray, Mosquito Squad found a way for homeowners to take mosquito control into their own hands on their own property, because local government mosquito control rarely, if ever, protects people from mosquito bites and the illnesses they carry at their own homes. Mosquito Squad created this niche, and we remain on the front lines of outdoor pest control and how to most effectively combat against mosquitoes, ticks, and other bugs that might want to bite you outdoors.

Yet, while we’ve been at it for over a dozen years, we understand that the idea is still new to people. That’s okay. As the creators, innovators, and leaders of the outdoor pest control industry, we’ll explain what our Private Barrier Treatment is, how it works, and hopefully answer any questions you may have about the process.

We saw a need that needed to be filled

For as long as anyone can remember, people have been trying to combat mosquitoes, some ways more creative than others. In modern times, these ways would include florescent bug appears, citronella candles, tiki torches, and stinky, sometimes even sticky, bug spray. Yet. . . nothing has ever truly worked to a point that was noticeable. Recognizing this, and knowing that mosquitoes are literally the most deadly animal in the world, transmitting diseases like malaria, West Nile, and others, Mosquito Squad saw a need for people to protect themselves and their families from these dangerous insects on their own properties. Because there had to be a better way.

So, through constant research and testing, we developed a special formula that knocks down adult mosquitoes, ticks, and other biting insects on contact, and continues to eliminate up to 90% of these pests for three weeks. What’s the secret? Micro-encapsulation. Basically that means that by its molecular makeup, our active ingredients are surrounded by a small coating that allows them to be time-released, thereby able to eliminate mosquitoes and other biting bugs at an effective, yet gradual state.

So, what’s the process?

For your first barrier treatment, our technicians will arrive at your property and give it a full inspection, treating any standing water pools and other potential mosquito breeding sites with larvacide to eliminate any existing larvae and prevent any future larvae. This stops the life cycle of mosquitoes in its tracks — without any potentially-adult mosquitoes, there’s no population to develop in your yard.

We will then begin treating your property from the perimeter inward with our barrier spray, treating any and all areas that mosquitoes, ticks, and other biting insects may breed, feed, or rest. These areas include trees, shrubbery, foliage and the underside of leaves, gardens, underneath decks, fences, patios, the foundations of houses, tall grasses and low-hanging vegetation. (We are very careful to avoid flowers or any other plants that bees may pollinate.) This treatment eliminates any adult mosquitoes and ticks currently in your yard on contact, and builds a barrier or “fence” against any more that enter your yard after treatment. Our mosquito barrier spray dries in only 30 minutes, after which you and your family (pets included) are free to return to your yard and enjoy it with protection from the dangers and nuisance of mosquitoes and ticks.

Here’s what we mean when we say it “builds a barrier” against mosquitoes

Our EPA-registered, odorless and colorless solution adheres to surfaces of whatever it is applied to, and is residual and time-released. Which means that any future bugs that come into contact with it, wherever it happens to be “sticking,” will also be eliminated shortly after exposure. This affects both adult insects and eggs, preventing them from hatching and thus, halting their life cycle. Mosquito Squad’s barrier treatment formula is the most effective recipe on the market, eliminating up to 90% of mosquitoes and ticks in your yard for three weeks before needing reapplication. While we may use terms like “adhering” and “sticking,” please know that it’s not sticky at all — you won’t even know it’s there, except you’ll know it’s working when you notice a significant lack of mosquito bites!

After three weeks, we highly recommend re-treating your property with our barrier treatment, and offer seasonal plans so that you don’t need to worry about rescheduling. However, we understand how easy it is to forget a scheduled treatment, so we always call and confirm 24 hours in advance of our arrival. You do not need to be home when we treat your property, and we’ll always leave a notice so that you know that your service has been provided and at what time.

Do you and your family prefer to go as all-natural as possible?

Not an issue. All of Mosquito Squad’s products have been registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which means the ingredients have been scrutinized and tested for safety for consumer use when applied according to the label. However, we know that some customers won’t settle for anything less than 100% “green.” Because of this, we do offer an all-natural solution which we developed and blend in-house, that is based on essential oils.

This all-natural option is a repellant, not an eliminator. Basically, it confuses and repels insects by using a scent that repulses them, thus “chasing them away.” Fortunately, our noses aren’t quite as sensitive as theirs, so any odor you notice will dissipate after a few hours. However, most customers report that they find it rather pleasant, so no worries either way. Though our all-natural solution is not quite as effective as our traditional barrier treatment formula, most customers notice a reduction in outdoor yard pests between 65-80%. However, because of its botanical makeup, it breaks down a little more quickly than our traditional barrier treatment, so we recommend reapplication every two weeks instead of three to maintain maximum effectiveness.

Mosquito Squad Guarantees 100% Satisfaction

As the most trusted mosquito and tick control company (and founders of the industry) we firmly stand behind all of our products and services, guaranteeing 100% satisfaction. We’re in the process of eliminating and repelling insects, not customers. So if you’re not happy for any reason, we’ll either give your property another treatment or offer your money back — no questions asked.

Call Mosquito Squad of Wilmington today for a free consultation at (910) 791-9800 or fill our our contact form and we’ll reach out to you. Take back your yard while protecting your family from mosquitoes and the potentially dangerous illnesses they carry, and enjoy your summer like you should. You deserve it!

Do people in NC need to worry about Zika virus?

The Zika virus started making headlines in the United States in 2016 after there was an outbreak in South America that spread to our country via infected travelers. It became a nationally notifiable condition. At its peak there were 5,168 cases of Zika reported across the country, but the majority of them (4,897) were in travelers who had returned from affected areas. In 2017, cases of Zika in the U.S. dropped to 433. As of May 2nd, 2018, there have been 5,700 symptomatic Zika virus cases reported. Of all those cases, 5,414 were in travelers returning from affected areas. (Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.)

So what is Zika virus, and should you be worried about it?

The Zika virus is a mosquito-borne illness, spread mainly through mosquito bites from Zika-infected mosquitoes. The primary species of mosquitoes that transmit this disease are the Aedes species mosquito (Ae. aegypti and Ae. albopictus), otherwise known as the Asian Tiger Mosquito. This is the same mosquito that spreads the dengue fever and yellow fever. Zika can also be transmitted from between humans through unprotected sex or from a pregnant woman to her unborn child.

In 2016, the CDC considered Brownsville, Texas and Miami Dade County, Florida as higher risk areas and issued official travel precautions to people traveling to those areas, but in the summer of 2017 those travel precautions were lifted.

The Zika virus is predominantly found in Africa, Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands. Recent outbreaks have occurred in the Americas, especially Brazil and Northeast South America, the Caribbean and Mexico. Therefore, travelers should always check the CDC’s Zika travel information prior to leaving the country.

Symptoms of Zika virus

Many people infected with Zika will only have mild symptoms, or none at all. Typical symptoms are fever, rash, headache, joint pain, red eyes, and muscle pain. Symptoms can last for several days to a week. People usually don’t get sick enough to go to the hospital, and they very rarely die of Zika. Once a person has been infected with Zika, they are likely to be protected from future infections.

There is no specific medicine or vaccine for Zika. It is best treated by managing the symptoms — getting plenty of rest, drinking lots of fluids to prevent dehydration, and taking medicine such as acetaminophen (Tylenol) to reduce pain and fever.

Zika virus gets dangerous when pregnant women are infected with it

The biggest area of concern when it comes to the Zika virus is in pregnant women. A mother infected with Zika virus can pass it to her unborn child. There has been a link between being infected with Zika while pregnant and babies born with a condition called microcephaly. This is an abnormal smallness of a baby’s head, and has the potential to lead to severe brain damage, along with seizures, intellectual disability, hearing, and vision loss. There have also been links to additional problems such as miscarriage, stillbirth and other birth defects. According to the latest information from the CDC, there have been 2,461 reported cases of Zika virus in pregnant women thus far this year.

While the Asian Tiger mosquito can be found across the United States, the good news is that the risk of mosquito-transmitted Zika in North Carolina are very low. According to the North Carolina Department of Public Health, there have not been any reported cases of Zika in our state this year (data last updated February 28th). However, that is not to say it doesn’t exist — it means nothing has been officially reported.

With no known vaccine or specific treatment for the Zika virus, the best way to prevent getting Zika avoiding getting bitten by an infected mosquito in the first place. Mosquito Squad of Wilmington’s mosquito control barrier treatment eliminates up to 90% of mosquitoes from your property for three straight weeks. Sign up for a seasonal plan and we’lll treat your yard all season long, so you can enjoy worry-free summers knowing you and your family are protected. In addition to our barrier treatment, we also offer automatic misting systems that are programmed to release our mosquito control formula for 30 seconds at designated times, or at your command with the push of a button on the included remote control and mobile app.

Call Mosquito Squad of Wilmington today for a free consultation at (910) 791-9800 or fill our our contact form and we’ll get in touch with you. Take back your yard while protecting your family from mosquitoes and the potentially dangerous illnesses they carry. They’re too precious not to protect!

Zika In Late Summer: An Update

With the fluidity of the Zika situation, we thought it necessary to provide a summation of recent Zika news and discoveries to help you stay up to speed as to the risks.


Zika in Miami

Miami is the first and at this point only place where Zika has been transmitted locally in the continental U.S. from a mosquito. Which means the infected mosquito got Zika by biting an infected person in Miami. The CDC has issued a travel warning for pregnant women to all of Miami-Dade County since more cases sprung up in Miami Beach over the weekend. Last week a man from El Paso was confirmed to have contracted it while traveling to Miami, taking it back home with him. So there could begin the cycle. If you know you have Zika it is imperative that you DO NOT get bitten by a mosquito.

Zika in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico reported almost 2,000 new cases of Zika in one week earlier this month. The Surgeon General says he expects 25% of the entire population to have Zika by the end of this year. 10,690 people have been infected in Puerto Rico by Zika and health authorities think that number is higher. Many people with the virus show no symptoms and never realize they have it. However, that will not keep them from passing it on to another human via sexual contact or a mosquito that bites them.

Babies With Birth Defects

16 babies have been born in the United States with Zika related birth defects according to the CDC pregnancy registry. This statistic is as of August 4th and along with those births there have been 5 in womb deaths and two newborn deaths, all Zika related. These numbers are likely to climb.

Zika Not a Factor At Olympics: Will it Be When Athletes Arrive Home?

The Olympics are over and while Zika didn’t create the immediate issues in Rio that some may have been concerned with we don’t know what might happen next. The CDC is at present researching how long Zika stays in the human system. Their findings lean toward the fact that Zika might remain in semen much longer than other bodily fluids. Since often someone with Zika may not show any symptoms, a male could come home from a trip to Rio, and if he and his partner want to have a child, they may need to wait much longer than previously thought before they begin to try.

There is no doubt that this virus travels fast and is dangerous. The information is also ever changing. Scientists and government agencies are putting new information out weekly.

At Mosquito Squad of Wilmington and Mosquito Squad of the Grand Strand we are committed to getting this information to you. We also want to ease your worry about mosquito and tick-borne illnesses with our mosquito barrier and tick spray services. Please call one of our locations today and let’s discuss the best solution for you and your family.

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Rio's Biggest Winners Started as Children with Big Dreams

Photo Credit: USA TodayThe Olympics… they empower us all, don’t they? It’s day 8 of 17, and the US has won 40 medals already. As Michael Phelps added the 22nd Olympic medal of his career, every American felt like they too stood just a little taller for a moment. And we can learn a little about how to face our most stressful days from the Final Five. As Aly Raisman tells us “we should carry ourselves that way, not be scared and shaky because we have that pressure. It should be the opposite. You know, you walk in like you’re number one and I think that’s intimidating to everyone else." Their new spot on the front of the Special K Box says her theory is working.

One to Watch

All of our Olympic athletes have been working for years to get to their place in Rio. Gymnast, Simone Biles is the perfect example. Born in 1997, she taught herself to do back flips off her mailbox before her first gymnastics class. And then, as a 6-year-old on a field trip to a gym, it seems she had that life changing moment. She started by trying the same twists and flips as the older girls she had seen, began formal training, found a coach…and as they say, “the rest is history.” Not just history, but history in the making. This 4 foot 9 inch 19-year-old has 14 world championship medals, the most ever won by an American woman. This year in Rio she has won the gold for the Women’s team all-around and Women’s individual all-around. We will be watching Simone Biles do great things for many years to come.

And Still There is Zika

Zika in Brazil and Zika in America: The mosquito-borne illness is not out of the news. It doesn’t seem to have cast the awful shadow on the Olympics that people may have been afraid of a few months ago, but the reality of the effects on unborn children is still something to be concerned about. Young couples are watching the Olympics, feeling that sense of empowerment, and wondering if they could have their own budding Michael Phelps or Simone Biles one day, need to protect themselves from the harm a single mosquito bite can bring an unborn child.

Protect your family, those already here and yet to come, by eliminating mosquitoes from your yard. Call us: Mosquito Squad of Wilmington 910-791-9800 or Mosquito Squad of the Grand Strand 843-492-0925. We will work with you to create the best solution in keep your outdoor living spaces virtually pest free!

Zika Virus: Mosquito Transmitted in Miami. Is South Carolina Next?

Asian-Tiger-Mosquito-Wilmington-NCIn 2015 we began to hear talk of the Zika virus in the United States. It is a mosquito-borne illness but had been brought here by those that travelled to other already affected countries. The things we knew were that it could also be transmitted through sexual contact and from a mother to her unborn child in the womb. While many experience no symptoms, those who do, experience a mild, flu-like illness at best, but the effects on unborn children can be severe. Birth defects and severe brain damage are among the possible outcomes when a pregnant mother is infected with the Zika virus. Yet still, there were no mosquitoes carrying the actual disease in the United States…until now. As of August 6th, the Wynwood neighborhood in Miami Florida is reporting 13 cases of Zika virus transmitted to humans by mosquitoes. Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the CDC, confirmed this number in an interview with NPR and urged pregnant women not to travel to this area.

We Are Probably Next

How does the illness suddenly change from being something that is coming into the country via humans to being transmitted by mosquitoes? It’s a simple process really. Humans with the Zika virus can transmit Zika to mosquitoes. Someone brings it into this country, possibly with no idea that they have it, a mosquito bites them and becomes infected. And now it is transmitted by the mosquito. So as the number of infected people goes up, the risk for mosquitoes to become infected goes up. The Post Courier out of Charleston spoke with Robert Yanity, a spokesman for the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control and he spoke of the chance of the virus being transmitted by mosquitoes in our local communities. Local entomologist Dwight Williams told the Post that the chances are “very likely.” There are already 25 cases of Zika reported in SC and 19 in NC, though none from a mosquito bite.

How Do We Take Control?

The vector for Zika is the Aedes aegypti mosquito. These mosquitoes are considered to be very aggressive. They are daytime biters; their eggs hatch in small water filled containers and areas in urban and suburban areas. Over the years it appears that these type of mosquitoes have also become able to survive in drought periods. The CDC believes that this adaptability makes them more difficult to control.

At Mosquito Squad of Wilmington and Mosquito Squad of the Grand Strand, we believe that difficult does not mean impossible. As we continue to keep you informed of the changing information, we remind you that the situation in Miami is serious. If you must travel there, protect yourself. Wear protective clothing and keep your bug spray handy. If you are pregnant… stay home. Protect your home and neighborhood as well. Remember the 5Ts of mosquito control. Making sure that your home environment is not the type of environment that mosquitoes prefer can go a long way! And call us. Mosquito Squad of Wilmington and Mosquito Squad of the Grand Strand are the number one ranked mosquito control service in this area. Our barrier spray will eliminate 85-90% of disease-carrying mosquitoes in your yard allowing you to relax and enjoy it with your friends, your family, and any possible new arrivals! Call today.

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Protecting Our Myrtle Beach Pets Goes Beyond Dogs and Cats

Eastern Equine Encephalitis Myrtle BeachWe all love our pets, but if these pets include horses, ponies, or donkeys they may be a part of what makes up your livelihood. Keeping them safe from disease is crucial and unlike smaller pets, keeping them inside and away from the pests that carry disease just isn’t an option. In Horry County, the first case of Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) has already been discovered. Adam Eichelberger, a veterinarian in the program for animal health at Clemson University, states that this case of EEE is the earliest in the season the disease has emerged in years. Triple E is a severe ailment for horses and can be for humans as well.  As we watch the news waiting to see when and if the Zika virus will become a real threat here in South Carolina there are dangerous threats already upon us.

What Is EEE?

Myrtle-Beach-Mosquito-Misting-is-Perfect-for-Horse-BarnsEastern Equine Encephalitis is spread by the freshwater swamp mosquito, also called the black-tailed mosquito. Boyd Parr, the SC state veterinarian, believes that the flooding of 2015 has created the perfect environment for the mosquito which is probably the cause of this case being so early in the season. Horses with EEE will become symptomatic between two to five days after exposure. Problems show up as stumbling, staggering, circling, head pressing, fearfulness, leg weakness, partial paralysis, muscle twitching, inability to stand, and death. In 2013, 48 out of 49 unvaccinated horses that contracted EEE in South Carolina died.

EEE in humans can be just as severe, causing inflammation of the brain. Symptoms start with headaches, chills, fever, and vomiting and can lead to disorientation, seizure, and coma. As one of the most severe diseases contracted from mosquitoes, the CDC says there is a mortality rate of approximately 33% in humans along with permanent brain damage in those that do survive.

Let Us Be Your Mosquito Control Solution in Myrtle Beach

Veterinarians urge horse owners to get their animals vaccinated. At Mosquito Squad of the Grand Strand, we can help protect your animals as well. Along with our mosquito barrier spray service, we also install, service and repair automatic mosquito misting systems across the Myrtle Beach area. Our automatic misting system is installed in your yard and unique to your landscaping needs. The systems are individually programmed to spray at times to fit your schedule for maximum mosquito control. Misting systems are perfect for marshy, wooded areas, horse stables or anywhere that may require added mosquito control. We can eliminate 90%+ of mosquitoes on your property with this system. We also provide service, supplies and repairs for systems installed by other companies. Call us today at Mosquito Squad of the Grand Strand to discuss the best mosquito control service for you. (843) 492 – 0925.

The First Case of Zika Virus Confirmed in South Carolina

Zika-virus-case-confirmed-in-South-CarolinaThe Zika Virus has come to South Carolina. The case was the first confirmed case of Zika in the state and was transmitted to the patient while they were traveling out of the country in an area where Zika is actively being transmitted.

The person began feeling ill while they were still abroad. By the time the patient returned to South Carolina they were no longer sick or contagious, bringing no risk for spreading Zika home.

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control SCDHEC is closely monitoring the arrival of any new disease that arrives in the state in an effort to slow or stop the spreading of the illness. SCDHEC monitors the mosquito population and mosquito-borne diseases.

Education & Prevention is Our Best Protection Against Zika

With no cases of Zika being locally transmitted in North or South Carolina, it is important to understand that all precautions taken are to keep it this way. The Zika Virus can spread to mosquitoes from infected humans. This fact allows for the easy spread of the virus if someone does come back with a Zika infection and is bitten by local mosquitoes. The Aedes Aegypti & Aedes Albopictus mosquitoes are both present in the area and are at present the main vectors in the Zika outbreaks in Mexico, the Caribbean and South America.

Zika Virus can also be transmitted through sexual activity. With so many ways for the virus to be easily spread and the danger it brings to pregnant women and their infants, it is important to stay vigilant with prevention efforts.

Remember to follow the 5 T’s of mosquito control and consider our traditional mosquito barrier spray. Eliminating 85-90% of the mosquitos in your yard and lasting for up to 3 weeks, our mosquito spray is our most popular service. Sign up for the season and we’ll automatically respray for a season of mosquito-free outdoor living. Call today:

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Zika Virus: A Real Threat Getting Worse As Research Continues

zika-and-birth-defectsThe Zika Virus hit the news again last week in a big way. The CDC warned health officials that the Zika Virus and the dangerous health conditions it can cause are much “scarier” than initially suspected. They were urging the United States government to approve funds needed for further research. While this news was the big story that was sure to capture everyone’s attention, there were several smaller Zika stories that hit the airwaves and the interwebs at the same time, which are just as alarming.

Zika Virus Confirmed as a Cause of Microcephaly

A strong link between an increase in microcephaly in infants and a Zika Virus outbreak in Brazil is what brought the Zika Virus to the attention of scientists and government officials worldwide. Scientists have been working diligently to confirm the link between Zika Virus infection during pregnancy and microcephaly in infants. According to a report by Medscape, this “link” has now been confirmed. The Zika Virus has been identified as the cause of microcephaly in hundreds of cases. The research will continue to determine the height of risk, as all Zika infected pregnancies will not result in microcephaly. They are also working to determine the variation in risk based on what trimester of pregnancy a woman becomes infected with Zika.

Other Potential Birth Defects Caused by Zika Virus

As studies continue we are learning about other birth defects linked to the Zika Virus. The New England Journal of Medicine reported that a variety of other birth defects seem to stem from Zika Virus infection during pregnancy. The defects range from cerebral calcification, central nervous system alterations, intrauterine growth restrictions, abnormal arterial flow in the umbilical arteries and cerebral arteries, developmental failure in part of the brain, Macular hypoplasia, Blake’s pouch cyst, insufficient amniotic fluid, microcephaly and even 2 stillbirths. Research continues to confirm the causal relationship between Zika and these birth defects.

Zika Has Been Linked to Health Complications Outside of Pregnancy & Newborns

zika-linked-with-guillain-barre-syndromeZika Virus is not only dangerous to pregnant women and their unborn babies. Two major health complications in non-pregnant/non-newborn individuals have been linked to Zika Virus. While there are many more studies needed to confirm the link, Zika is suspected to cause Guillain-Barre syndrome and acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM). Both auto-immune disorders, Guillain-Barre and ADEM can disrupt the lives of those affected in severe and sometimes permanent ways. Guillain-Barre can even lead to death if not treated promptly and effectively.

The Zika Mosquito’s Geographical Reach has Been Expanded

Not long before the news broke of the extent of the Zika Virus’s health effects, the CDC updated their report on the geographical reach of the Zika transmitting mosquitoes Aedes Aegypti & Aedes Albopictus. Both mosquitoes were already known to live in Wilmington and Myrtle Beach, but now the rest of the United States is experiencing an increased risk as the number went from 12 states to 30 states affected.

Zika Virus Prevention Update

With new potential birth defects along with the confirmation of microcephaly being caused by Zika, it is more important than ever to follow the CDC’s advice for couples thinking about pregnancy. Zika Virus can be transmitted through sexual activity, meaning couples exposed to Zika need to take extra precautions if they are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant. It is also imperative to continue following the CDC’s travel guide, advising pregnant women not to travel to affected countries.

Avoiding mosquitoes and mosquito bites is the best way to lower your risk of Zika infection here at home. Following the 5 T’s of mosquito control will help lower the population of mosquitoes in your yard, but Mosquito Squad of Wilmington’s and Mosquito Squad of the Grand Strand’s traditional barrier spray is the best way to eliminate mosquitoes from your yard long term. Our barrier treatment eliminates 85-90% of mosquitoes in your yard and works for up to 3 weeks. Sign up for the season and we’ll come back every 2-3 weeks automatically, you don’t have to do a thing. Call today 910-791-9800.

Did You Remember To Leave the Mosquitoes Off the Guest List?

event-mosquito-control-Carolina-AzaleasThe azaleas are blooming and we are watching the weather forecast, hoping that frost isn’t going to affect the peach crop this year. Afterall, it’s spring in the south. It also means that spring and summer brides and wedding planners are working overtime and many of those plans will be taking advantage of the beautiful outdoor venues that we have in the Carolinas. If that last statement describes you, we want to remind you to schedule your special event mosquito control.

Imagine the perfect day. A nice garden all in bloom, candles behind the marriage pulpit, delicate bows tied at the end of each row of chairs. Simple… elegant.

Myrtle Beach-mosquito-event-sprayThe bride and her father begin to walk down the aisle and what is the first thing she sees? All of her guests swatting mosquitos with their programs and missing her entrance. Don’t let flying pests ruin your day. Talk to us at Mosquito Squad of Wilmington and Mosquito Squad of Grand Strand about our special event mosquito control. Let us help make your outdoor wedding a beautiful memory for you and your guests.

How Does Special Event Mosquito Control Protect your Event?

If you are planning an outdoor wedding or any outdoor event: graduation party, birthday party, family BBQ. Don’t let mosquitoes be the center of attention. Let Mosquito Squad of Wilmington or Mosquito Squad of Grand Strand help keep the pests away. 24-48 hours before your event we will spray our barrier mosquito spray, which includes extra protection against biting and stinging insects. It eliminates mosquitoes and other insects on contact and continues to work through the entire event, greatly reducing the number of mosquitos at your event. Lasting all day, through the night and even through a weekend of festivities, it dries in 30 minutes leaving no odor or residue and is applied long before food or dinnerware is set out.

Contact us today. You’ll be glad you did! Mosquito Squad of Wilmington 910-791-9800 or Mosquito Squad of Grand Strand 843-492-0925

Zika Mosquitoes are Plentiful in Myrtle Beach, Wilmington & the Southeast U.S. Coast

Summertime-is-mosquito-time-in-Myrtle-BeachIt’s getting warmer and there is more talk about the Zika virus every day. Who has it? How are we getting it? And most importantly will this become a problem for us in Wilmington and Myrtle Beach? The answers are difficult because they seem to be constantly changing, so let’s focus on what we know today.

1: According to the CDC, as of March 23rd there are 273 reported cases on US soil. All of these are travel associated. However in the US territories of Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and American Samoa, of the 345 reported cases, 341 have been locally acquired. The World Health Organization estimates 3 to 4 million people will be infected within the next year.

2: The Zika virus causes cold and flu-like symptoms, if any, in most people. However it is being linked to birth defects transmitted from infected pregnant women to their unborn children and to the paralyzing condition called Guillain-Barre syndrome in infected people. It can be transmitted by mosquito bite, from mother to unborn child, through blood transfusion, or by sexual contact.

3.There is not yet any vaccine for the Zika virus. Prevention only exists in avoiding mosquito bites.

The fact that mosquitoes are disease carrying pests is not news. Entomologist Marten Edwards from Muhlenberg College in Allentown PA says, "It’s (speaking of the Aedes aegypti mosquito) been with us for a long time, probably for at least 5,000 years when we started keeping water next to our homes [ideal for laying eggs] and it’s adapted to people.” However not all mosquitoes carry Zika so let’s define what we know even further.

Zika Transmitting Mosquitoes

Asian-Tiger-Mosquito-Wilmington-NCMost cases of Zika are spread by 2 types of mosquitoes, the Aedes Aegypti and the Aedes Albopictus (Asian Tiger Mosquito). These mid-sized (2 – 10mm) varieties are black with white spots or stripes and are common in the Southeast United States. They are the same mosquitoes that carry West Nile virus, dengue, and chikungunya virus. US News and World Report describes them as “very resilient, and their eggs can literally survive in a bottle cap of water. " The eggs are also said to survive without water even in winter, simply waiting for the needed conditions to hatch. These mosquitoes bite throughout the day, not just at dusk and dawn as some varieties are known to do. They tend to be sneaky when they bite, attacking your ankles and the backs of your legs and arms so that you may not see them coming.

But as we have said, our information is ever changing. So as we have been told that these are the two transmitters of Zika, there is new research out of Brazil that suggests the Culex mosquito can also be a carrier. This is one of the most common mosquitoes in the United States. Different from the Aedes varieties, they bite at dusk and dawn and they prefer dirty water over clean. This research seems to point towards the possibility that the Culex mosquito could be infected with Zika, and might also reproduce the virus in their salivary glands — which is key to passing the virus to humans. It is important to understand this is only in the research stages and there is no definitive proof as of yet.

All of this information may seem confusing and slightly scary, especially since it seems to change daily. Our biggest question is, “What do we do?” At Mosquito Squad of Wilmington and Mosquito Squad of the Grand Strand, we can help answer that question. Prevention and protection are the keys. First, we point you to our 5 Tips on discouraging these harmful mosquitoes from your yard. It is important to be proactive and rid your yard of the things that attract mosquitoes to begin with. Second our traditional barrier spray will eliminate 85-90% of all mosquitoes and ticks on your property. Mosquito Squad of Wilmington and Myrtle Beach are committed to keeping you informed of the ever-evolving research about the Zika virus. Contact us today to learn more about fighting the bite in your backyard! You can reach us at (910) 791-9800 and (843) 492-0925 or email us at [email protected] or [email protected]


Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever & Ehrlichiosis in Wilmington


While we wrote about the dangers of tick-borne disease in the Carolina’s and the types of ticks that transmit them a few weeks back, we did not have direct local cases to site for this season. Until now. Tick-borne disease is at our back door, now is the time to take precautions.

A case of Lyme Disease, a case of Ehrlichiosis and two probable cases of Rocky Mountain spotted fever have been reported in Onslow County, near Jacksonville NC. While this summer, many of you have called to have Mosquito Squad control the mosquitoes and fleas in your yard, few have mentioned ticks. We are concerned that you are underestimating the dangers of tick-borne disease in Wilmington and the dangers of tick-borne disease in Myrtle Beach.

Ticks in Myrtle Beach

While West Nile Virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis are spread by mosquitoes and are also very dangerous, they are just not as common as tick-borne disease. Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Ehrlichiosis are dangerous and sometimes deadly tick-borne diseases. These diseases can seem like the flu at first and many times treatment is delayed or never sought after because the patient has no idea they were even bitten by a tick.

Ticks in Wilmington

Ticks are tiny. They don’t fly up and bother you before they land and bite. Ticks simply climb on you as you walk by and then quickly travel up your body, often to a hidden location behind your knee, near your groin or on your midsection. If you don’t intentionally look for them, you probably won’t find them. Tick bites are painless and unless you become ill you may never even know you were bit by one.

Avoiding ticks and tick bites is your best prevention of tick-borne disease

Avoiding ticks and tick bites is the smart thing to do when it comes to preventing Lyme Disease, Ehrlichiosis & Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Don’t give up your outdoor living, instead take some precautions to lower your exposure to ticks while outside. Start in your yard where you spend the most outdoor time by adding flea & tick protection to your mosquito control service from Mosquito Squad of Wilmington or Mosquito Squad of Grand Strand. With our tick control treatment and your diligence in following the 6 C’s of tick-proofing your yard, you can have the outdoor lifestyle you want without worrying about dangerous ticks.

By adding flea & tick control to our traditional barrier spray we can eliminate up to 90% of the ticks in your back yard. Contact us today at (910) 791-9800 and (843) 492-0925 or email us at [email protected] or [email protected] to learn more about keeping your loved ones safe this season.

Are the Large Mosquitoes in Wilmington Really Mosquitoes?

Have you noticed the mosquitoes this year are much bigger than usual? If you’ve been spending much time outside of your Wilmington home this summer you may have done a double take as a mosquito looking insect landed on your arm. It looks like a mosquito but it is much bigger. Is it really a mosquito?

Dangerous Mosquito Invading Wilmington

You would be right. It absolutely is a mosquito. A variation in the same family as the Asian Tiger, this invasive species is called the Asian Bush mosquito. It is bigger than the Asian Tiger mosquito but is also aggressive. The Asian Bush mosquito is tolerant to cold and drought allowing it to be an invasive species that has been expanding its geographical distribution rather quickly. The Asian Bush mosquito most often lays its eggs in small artificial containers, allowing it to spread and multiply easy in urban environments with just a little standing water.

mosquito control services wilmington NCLast week we reported on the most common mosquito-borne disease diagnosed in the Carolinas, LaCrosse Encephalitis Virus (LACV). The same week we wrote that story, it was published by Star News that New Hanover County had found the Asian Bush mosquito all over the county in its mosquito surveillance program. Well it turns out, LACV is transmitted by the large aggressive Asian Bush mosquito. These troublesome pests also can spread West Nile Virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis.

A Bite Worse than other Mosquitoes

If you happen to come across this large mosquito, it may be because it did indeed bite you. A bite that was particularly worse than other mosquito bites you have experienced before. We have heard from many people this year that these bites are worse in every way. More painful, bigger bump and more itchy. If you’ve been bitten by one you know that its bite is enough to make you not want to encounter one again. And you don’t have to.

Slowing the Invasive Spread of an Aggressive Mosquito

The best way to slow down the spread of this invasive species of mosquito is to eliminate it in as many places as possible. Start with your yard by following the 5T’s of mosquito control and having Mosquito Squad of Wilmington treat your yard for mosquitoes all season long.

With our traditional barrier spray we can eliminate up to 90% of the mosquitoes in your yard. Our traditional barrier spray not only eliminates mosquitoes on contact, but it also continues to work for up to 3 weeks. Sign up for the season and we’ll come back and spray every three weeks. Protect yourself and your family before the invasive Asian Bush mosquito moves in to your yard. Contact us today to learn more about fighting the bite in your backyard! You can reach us at (910) 791-9800 and (843) 492-0925

Widely Unknown & Transmitted by Mosquitoes, LaCrosse Encephalitis Virus is in the Carolinas

Wilmington Mosquito ControlWest Nile Virus (WNV) is a dangerous and sometimes deadly mosquito transmitted disease that should not be taken lightly. While WNV gets a lot of media attention, it is not the most common mosquito-borne disease in the Carollinas. There is another dangerous mosquito-borne illness that poses a threat more often in Wilmington and Myrtle Beach. As reported by Black Mountain News, La Crosse Encephalitis is the most frequently diagnosed mosquito borne illness in the Carolinas.

La Crosse Encephalitis is the most common mosquito-borne illness in the Carolinas

In 2013 there were 182 cases of La Crosse Encephalitis virus (LACV) in North Carolina and 4 in South Carolina. With significantly more instances of LACV than West Nile Virus, knowing the symptoms of and how to prevent LACV is important for Carolinians. The Aedes triseriatus, or eastern treehole mosquito is the mosquito that transmits LACV. Being an aggressive daytime feeder these mosquitoes can be especially harmful when carrying pathogens.

The Symptoms of La Crosse Encephalitis virus

LACV_Symptoms_West_Nile_Virus_Symptoms_WilmingtonAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) many people who become infected with La Crosse Encephalitis virus experience no symptoms at all. Those who become ill may experience fever, headache, nausea, vomiting or tiredness initially. Some patients who become ill can develop a severe neuroinvasive disease that can involve encephalitis (inflammation of the brain). Symptoms of severe LACV can include seizures, coma, and paralysis and in rare cases long term disability or death. Severe LACV usually occurs in young children under the age of 16. There are no specific treatments, cures or vaccines for LACV. If you think you may have LACV you should seek medical attention immediately to help alleviate symptoms.

Preventing LACV in the Carolinas

Limiting your exposure to mosquitoes and mosquito bites is the best method of preventing LACV. Since people spend a majority of their outdoor living in their own yard, it’s a great place to start. With Mosquito Squad of the Grand Strand and Mosquito Squad of Wilmington we can eliminate up to 90% of the mosquitoes in your yard. Our traditional barrier spray not only eliminates mosquitoes on contact, but it also continues to work for up to 3 weeks.

Sign up for the season and we’ll come back and spray every three weeks. Protect yourself and your family before LACV or any other mosquito-borne disease makes its way to your yard. Contact us today to learn more about fighting the bite in your backyard! You can reach us at (910) 791-9800 and (843) 492-0925

5 Super Annoying Facts about Fleas in Wilmington

fleas_love_warm_humid_Myrtle_beachWarm and humid climates are the best environment for fleas to thrive. This makes Wilmington a flea heaven.  All summer long fleas will be persistent in your yard, on your pet and in your house. Without the proper care and prevention you are at risk for continued re-infestation. Whether it is from a flea down the street jumping on your dog or from improper treatment, getting rid of the pesky critters can be quite an ordeal.

5 Annoying Facts About Fleas

  • Wilmington and Myrtle Beach Flea ControlA female flea can lay 40-50 eggs every day and 400 eggs in her lifetime.
  • Fleas can stay in the pupa stage for up to 8 months waiting for the right conditions to become an adult. (This is a common cause for re-infestation.)
  • Fleas can jump more than 200x their length. Making it easy to jump to a new host.
  • Fleas actually dissolve skin with their saliva so that they can eat a blood meal.
  • Flea bodies have a hard outer shell making them difficult to crush.

3 Not-so-Funny Flea Myths

Fleas fly. Wilmington Complete Flea and Tick Protection for your pet

Turns out they can really jump, but no, they do not fly.

Fleas only live on animals.

Fleas can live in your carpets, bedding, pet beds and upholstery. If your pet has fleas make sure you treat your home to get rid of any flea eggs or flea larvae they may have stashed in your house.

Once you treat your pet, home and yard the fleas are gone.

With flea eggs and flea larvae in the mix it is best to treat your home, pet and yard multiple times over the course of six months to take care of new hatchlings and emerged adults.

Flea Control in Wilmington NC

Keep fleas out of your yard with flea and tick control from Mosquito Squad of Wilmington and Myrtle Beach. Our flea and tick spray will create a barrier around the perimeter of your yard eliminating fleas on contact and repelling fleas from entering your yard. If fleas have laid their eggs in your yard our spray will keep them from hatching, ending the flea life cycle at the very first stage. Combined with flea control treatment for your pet, fleas won’t stand a change at your Myrtle Beach home. We’ll come out and spray every 3 weeks all summer long to keep your Carolina summer flea free.

At Mosquito Squad of Myrtle Beach and Mosquito Squad of Wilmington our traditional barrier spray will eliminate 85-90% of all mosquitoes and ticks on your property. Contact us today to learn more about fighting the bite in your backyard! You can reach us at (910) 791-9800 and (843) 492-0925 or email us at [email protected] or [email protected].

Busting Myths with Fun Facts About Mosquitoes

Wilmington Mosquito Control“They must like you because you’re so sweet.” was Grandma’s favorite line when the mosquitoes started to swarm. Maybe you even started to believe her. You likely may have heard some other mosquito legends from friends and relatives:

  • Eat garlic and they won’t come near you.
  • They like blondes better than brunettes.
  • Drinking beer will attract them.
  • Stinky socks will make them attack you.
  • It’s a full moon, the mosquitoes will be out in full force.

The truth is much more complicated than this. With more than 2,700 species of mosquitoes world wide and 176 of them in the United States each one has its own unique eating habits. So while most mosquitoes don’t prefer stinky socks (feet) there are a few exceptions to note.

Repelling Mosquitoes

Garlic, nor anything else you eat will deter any mosquito that is in need of a blood meal. This is also true in reverse. Nothing you eat will attract them either. This common myth is closely related to the blood type myth that says mosquitoes prefer certain blood types over others – also not true. So eat, drink, and be merry in Wilmington with any blood type; mosquitoes will not be affected.

You can’t run from them. In fact if you try, you will just attract them even more. It turns out two of the things that mosquitoes are attracted to beyond the warm body they detect with their infra-red detection, is carbon dioxide (CO2) and lactic acid. The bigger you are or the more active you are the more CO2 and lactic acid you will produce. Being active will cause you breath heavier and work your muscles harder, creating more of these two chemicals. One study showed movement increased mosquito biting by up to 50%.  If you are pregnant, you could be emitting more of these two chemicals as well due to changes in your body size and the work it takes to carry your baby, so you may be a preferred target.

Attracting Mosquitoes

full_moons_attract_mosquitoesAccording to the American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA) one study did show that mosquito activity increased by 500% during a full moon. I guess you can quit worrying about those famous Myrtle Beach werewolves and start worrying about the skeeters.

Some myths are true only in specific species. For instance, there are some species of mosquitoes that are more attracted to dark colored clothing versus light clothes. There are also some mosquitoes that are attracted to smelly feet and Limburger Cheese. Although it is a good rule of thumb to keep in mind that the majority of mosquitoes don’t have a preference on smells and colors, so blondes be unafraid, you’re brunette counterparts are in as much danger of a mosquito bite as you are.

Here at Mosquito Squad of Myrtle Beach & Mosquito Squad of Wilmington we can protect you from the mosquitoes no matter what you eat, drink or how hard you play. With protection for the entire season you can skip eating the garlic and drink that beer without a shred of worry about whether the mosquito myth of the day is true or not.

At Mosquito Squad of Myrtle Beach and Mosquito Squad of Wilmington our traditional barrier spray will eliminate 85-90% of all mosquitoes and ticks on your property. Contact us today to learn more about fighting the bite in your backyard! You can reach us at (910) 791-9800 and (843) 492-0925 or email us at [email protected] or [email protected].

The Dangers of Tick-borne Disease in the Carolinas

The Deer tick is responsible for the spread of Lyme Disease.With famous people in the news talking about their experience with Lyme Disease, the public has become more aware of the symptoms and how the disease is contracted than ever before. Knowledge is important in the fight to prevent Lyme Disease and other tick-borne illnesses. While many tick-borne diseases can be dangerous, the risk for each changes from state to state and region to region.

Knowing all about Lyme Disease is great but it is equally important to know your risk for all tick-borne diseases at your Carolina home. With knowledge of how to prevent tick bites, what symptoms to look for after being exposed to ticks and what treatment to seek for each tick-borne disease we see here in North Carolina and South Carolina you may be able to help save a life.

  • Lyme Disease in Wilmington NCLyme Disease in Wilmington NC
You absolutely can contract Lyme Disease on the Carolina coast and it is the most common vector-borne disease in the United States. It is however much more prevalent in the Midwest and the Northeast. If you travel to these destinations during summer vacation be extra vigilant.

Transmitted by the black-legged tick, commonly called the deer tick, the symptoms of Lyme Disease can include fever, headache, fatigue and the “bull-eye” rash. Lyme Disease can spread to joints, the nervous system and heart if left untreated – which can sometimes lead to death or long term neurological or arthritic symptoms called chronic Lyme Disease. Lyme Disease is treated with antibiotics and can be recovered from fully, especially when caught early.

  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

Wilmington NC tick control It is important to know that Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is the most commonly contracted tick-borne disease in the Carolinas. Transmitted by the American Dog Tick, Rocky Mountain wood tick and brown dog tick, the symptoms can include fever, headache, abdominal pain, muscle pain, vomiting and a rash. Treatment for Rocky Mountain spotted fever is antibiotics and is most effective if it is caught before the 5th day of symptoms. The disease can be fatal if not treated early.


Rash from STARI is similar to that of Lyme DiseaseSouthern Tick Related Rash Illness (STARI) is transmitted by the Lone-star tick and can present in a very similar fashion as Lyme Disease. The key difference being the tick that carries it, the lack of arthritis and chronic symptoms and the more rapid recovery when treated with antibiotics. Symptoms can include a “bulls-eye” rash, fatigue, headache, fever and muscle pains. Many times STARI patient will get the rash but no other symptoms.

  • Ehrlichiosis and Anaplasmosis

Still dangerous, but less common tick-borne diseases found in North Carolina and South Caroline include Ehrlichiosis, Anaplasmosis. The black-legged tick (deer tick) and the western black-legged tick are the carriers of Anaplasmosis. Symptoms can include fever, headache, chills, malaise and muscle aches. Anaplasmosis is treated with at home antibiotics, but severe cases may require hospitalization for intravenous antibiotics and fluids. Anaplasmosis can be deadly if not treated correctly. If a rash presents in Anaplasmosis it is usually a sign of a co-infection with another tick-borne disease such as Lyme Disease or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

Ehrlichiosis presents similarly to Anaplasmosis but is carried by the lone-star tick. It has similar symptoms and the same treatment but is more deadly as Anaplasmosis has a 1% mortality rate, Ehrlichiosis has a 1.8% mortality rate. While both of these diseases are not extremely common in the Carolinas, according to the NC Department of Health and Human Services there were 464 cases between the two from 2008-2012 in North Carolina. Ehrlichiosis being more prevalent because the lone-star tick is more common here.

If you may have been exposed to ticks and notice any of the symptoms described you should call your primary doctor immediately. With all tick-borne illnesses, it is important to seek treatment as soon as you can.

No mosquitoes, no ticks, no problems

Protecting yourself from ticks in your own yard is a great first step to lowering your risk of contracting a tick-borne disease. At Mosquito Squad of Myrtle Beach and Mosquito Squad of Wilmington our traditional barrier spray will eliminate 85-90% of all ticks on your property. Contact us today to learn more about fighting the bite in your backyard! You can reach us at (910) 791-9800 and (843) 492-0925 or email us at [email protected] or [email protected].

Get the Kids Outside by Treating your Wilmington and Myrtle Beach Back Yard for Mosquitoes and Ticks

girl with mosquito bite, scratching hand has motion blurCelebrating the end of another Carolina school year is a wonderful moment for every kid, every year. But for every parent, that feeling is definitely bitter-sweet. While you’re happy to have them home, for many it quickly becomes a constant struggle to get them to do anything that doesn’t involve a screen or sleeping.

At the beginning of summer you think “this summer is going to be different” standing your ground and shoving the kids out into the fresh Myrtle Beach air. By the time Fourth of July hits you’re lucky if they last five minutes before moping in the door complaining about heat, boredom and mosquitoes. You have thrown in the towel, and since you don’t even want to go outside, how are you going to convince them that spending most of the day outside is a good idea?

Mosquito Squad of Myrtle BeachA Coastal Carolina Summer

Don’t let the mosquitoes be the reason your children abandon the swimming pool or playground you added to the yard for their amusement. Being on the coast, the constant humidity and moisture is a perfect mosquito haven, often driving your children indoors. It is summer; the kids should be running around outside being silly, swimming, having water fights, drinking Kool-aid and just being kids. What would a Wilmington NC summer be without screaming kids running around the neighborhood all day? With Mosquito Squad of Wilmington’s traditional barrier spray we can eliminate 85-90% of mosquitoes in your yard.

Mosquito free summer!Still not convinced you need to take action to get your kids to spend more time outside? According to the Harvard Medical School there are many more benefits to being outside than just the obvious “it’s fun”. Activating the process that “leads to the creation and activation of vitamin D,” sun exposure has a multitude of physical and mental benefits. Vitamin D can help lower the risk for certain conditions such as depression, heart attacks, Osteoporosis and Cancer. The mental gain is well-known as sun exposure wards off a type of depression commonly known as “cabin fever”.

Given all of the benefits of being outside, do you really want to give in to the mosquitoes and other pests? The Harvard Health article also points to a study by British researchers that discovered that kids are doubly active when they are outside. Double the activity! Kick them off the couch, take away their smart phones, the time for vegging out is over — send them out there to get moving and get the Vitamin D flowing.

Lead by exampleLead By Example

The most successful way to get your kids in the habit of doing something is by doing it yourself. If you get outside more, they will get outside more. That means eliminating those mosquitoes and planning care-free, pest-free outdoor activities for during the day and in the evening. At Mosquito Squad of Myrtle Beach our barrier spray eliminates mosquitoes on contact. With its time-released formula it lasts for up to three weeks. So get rid of the mosquitoes and get outside; go fishing, biking, kayaking, swimming, gardening and have a family water fight. Your children will benefit from the exercise and sun exposure, but more importantly they will have a great summer – always remembering how much fun they had with you.

Contact us today to learn more about fighting the bite in your backyard! You can reach us at (910) 791-9800 and (843) 492-0925 or email us at [email protected] or [email protected].

"If you don't treat it, they will come"-- The truth about mosquitoes in your backyard in real numbers

Wilmington Mosquito ControlWe all know that mosquitoes are bothersome, and downright dangerous, but did you know how rapidly they can multiply in a short period of time when left to their own devices? Just like the famous quote in the movie Field of Dreams, “if you build it, they will come” — when it comes to mosquitoes in your backyard, “if you don’t TREAT, they will come.” Mosquito Squad of Wilmington and Mosquito Squad of the Grand Strand is not afraid to tell the truth about mosquito reproduction. Where many others fear to tread when analyzing the “real” numbers possible from just one single female mosquito. Our main goal is to educate residents on the importance of mosquito control and the information below will help you understand the reality when you do the math: Just by using simple multiplication skills you will see the how the natural order of mosquito population turns an army of one into an army of over 1 billion mosquitoes in four, short weeks:

  • The Real Equation of Backyard Mosquitoes

mosquito math week 1Week One –Only female mosquitoes bite. This is because in order to develop viable eggs for reproduction she must obtain a blood meal from a human or other mammal. Once this has occurred, this one female will then proceed to lay up to 300 eggs. Mosquitoes can lay up to three batches of eggs during their short lifetime. From here a female mosquito has already perpetuated a significant amount of blood-thirsty offspring in which about half or more, (male/female probability), will also become blood thirsty mosquitoes looking to start a family in your backyard too. mosquito math week 2

Week Two – This backyard now includes 150 new female mosquitoes, plus the original matriarch which brings the total to approximately 151 female mosquitoes. This is where the equation really gets interesting; the 150 daughters of the original female mosquito will also lay up to 300 eggs each. This brings the total number of mosquitoes up to 45,300, of which at least half can also be expected to be female.

mosquito math week 3Week Three – Out of the prior week’s 45,300 mosquitoes, of which approximately 22,650 female mosquitoes will once again lay up to 300 eggs each bringing the number during their egg laying period to 6,795,300! This brings the total to almost 7 million mosquitoes brought into your backyard via one female mosquito in just 3 short weeks. Using the same simple formula of probability with half being born female will leave 3,397,000 females ready to do it all over again.

mosquito math week 4Week Four —  The most alarming answer to any outdoor living equation will weigh in at a whopping 1,319,250,000 mosquitoes from just one female mosquito! In addition to the biting, annoyance and irritation mosquitoes deliver, there is a chance just one of these 1.3+ billion mosquitoes could infect you, or a loved one with a mosquito-borne illness.

Mosquito math Mosquito Squad of Wilmington & Myrtle BeachSo, in doing the math, don’t you think it is time to contact Mosquito Squad? Our trusted barrier spray program will eliminate mosquitoes that are present on your property and prevent more from taking up residence. By reducing the number of mosquitoes within your treated property, you can literally eliminate billions of mosquitoes. Not only will eliminating these mosquitoes offer you the freedom and peace of mind to enjoy the outdoors this season, it will also reduce the number of mosquitoes within your yard that may harbor illness or disease.

Contact us today to learn more about fighting the bite in your backyard! You can reach us at (910) 791-9800 and (843) 492-0925 or email us at [email protected] or [email protected].


Mosquito Squad of Wilmington & Mosquito Squad of Myrtle Beach can end your fire ant woes once and for all!

Fire ant moundIf you are a Carolina native, you probably know the wrath of the fire ant all too well! Not only do these insects carry a painful, and sometimes dangerous sting, they can also ravage your property with unsightly “mounds.” A typical fire ant colony produces large mounds in open areas, and feed primarily on young plants and seeds. Fire ants prefer to nest in the soil, near tree stumps and often near moist areas, such as river banks, creek beds and pond edges including our watered lawns! A single nest is usually less than a square yard in diameter and contains several small openings leading to the surface.

Fire AntFire ants can be quite aggressive and often attack small animals which can be fatal for toy breed dogs, cats and other household pets that venture into the path of a mound. The fire ant is the most problematic ant in our area. Fire ant mounds, once disturbed, become a swarming pool of angry, aggressive, biting ants. These can especially be a problem with young children walking around the backyard! Fire ants are stinging ants of the genus Solenopsis, of which there are over 280 species and subspecies worldwide.  Unlike other ant species, which bite and then spray formic acid on the wound, Fire ants only bite to get a grip and then sting (from the abdomen) and inject a toxic alkaloid venom. For humans, this is a painful sting — hence the name Fire ant— and the aftereffects of the sting can be deadly to those allergic or sensitive to the venom. A fire ant’s venom is both insecticidal and antibiotic. Researchers have proposed that nurse workers will spray their brood to protect them from microorganisms. Worker fire ants are  blackish to reddish and vary from 3–6 mm in length, these are the ants we are most likely to come in contact with.

Once disturbed, the fire ants begin to scurry.

Now that is the bad news concerning fire ants, the good news is Mosquito Squad of Wilmington and Mosquito Squad of the Grand Strand can abate and control fire ants in your backyard for one year (that’s twelve months) with one application! This treatment can be scheduled and applied any time of the year and will give you the peace of mind in knowing your property is fire ant free and protected.

Contact us today to learn more about fighting the bite in your backyard! You can reach us at  (910) 791-9800 and (843) 492-0925 or email us at [email protected] or [email protected].

Lyme Disease and Wilmington NC tick control; what you need to know

Black-legged ticks can be very small depending on the stage of their life cycle.According to the CDC, “Lyme Disease is the most commonly reported vector-borne illness in the United States.” It is ranked #5 in the list of notifiable diseases in the country. The black-legged deer tick (Ixodes scapularis) is the only carrier (vector) of Lyme Disease and it is one of the four tick species which bite humans in North Carolina. Singer Avril Lavigne joins other celebrity A-listers like Alec Baldwin, Daryll Hall, Alice Walker author of “The Color Purple”, former President George W. Bush, “Real Housewife” Yolanda Foster, actress Posey Parker who have all acknowledged suffering from Lyme Disease, some with particularly debilitating effects.

Though more rare in North Carolina, cases of Lyme Disease are growing each season. Awareness of the symptoms of Lyme Disease and other precautions you can take to help protect yourself, your family, friends, and even pets from this harmful illness are important, and we are here to help.

Bulls eye rash from Lyme Disease

Symptoms of Lyme Disease

Early Lyme Disease mimics other more common sickness, like the flu, with a list of symptoms that range from fever/chills, body aches, and swollen lymph nodes. Many times, the tick may never be seen and the classic “bullseye rash”, known as Erythma migrans, can take up to 30 days to manifest, and is not guaranteed to be present. Over 20 percent of confirmed cases of Lyme Disease did not have a visible rash. It is important to note two areas of prevention at this early stage: daily tick checks and rapid, proper tick removal. Deer ticks can be as small as a poppy-seed in the larval stage and fully grown as small as a sesame seed. Scientists agree that removing ticks within 36 – 48 hours of first being bitten, greatly reduces the chances of contracting Lyme Disease. Deer ticks are very slow feeders, taking up to five days to complete a blood meal. Early Lyme Disease is highly treatable with a series of antibiotics.

Chronic Lyme Disease takes on much more dangerous dimensions with symptoms that include facial paralysis (Bell’s Palsy), meningitis or swelling of the brain, heart complications, and severely swollen joints, especially arthritis of the knees. Again, many times, no telling rash was present or noticed. Antibiotics are not always effective at this stage of illness, which affects some 20% of all confirmed cases of Lyme Disease. Symptoms can last for several months to several years.

tick imbeddedWith Ticks, Prevention is the Protection

There are some proactive safety measures that you can take to help reduce the tick population in your yard. Since a single, female tick can lay a clutch of eggs numbering 2,000 this makes tick reduction and elimination a vital part of the solution of reducing Lyme Disease.

  1. Clear. Keep your compost or debris piles ordered and tidy and away from play or eating spaces. Ticks thrive in moisture, so places that are dank and musty are prime tick habitats.

  2. Clean. Keeping your lawn mowed and reducing the “jungle effect” again makes your landscape less attractive to ticks. To “catch” a host, ticks will perch on a branch or frond with their back legs and hold their front legs up in a grabbing position, scurrying quickly aboard. This waiting posture is called, “questing.” Favorite feeding spots for ticks on humans are armpits and the groin area.

  3. Choose. Certain plantings attract deer which are often laden with ticks. Choose landscape plants with that thought in mind and avoid tasty blooms, no matter how pretty.

  4. Inpect your pets for ticks on a regular basis after trips outdoors.

    Check. Hiding spots for ticks include fences, brick walls and even retaining walls. Note, if you have a deck or patio that utilizes a retaining wall, you need to check it regularly for ticks.

  5. Care. Your pets can not give you Lyme Disease, neither can kissing someone who is suffering from the illness; however, pets can bring ticks inside your home. Tick checks, prevention medication or collars are an overall healthy part of tick prevention.

  6. Call. Professional, seasonal yard treatment for your yard will greatly reduce the number of ticks, mosquitoes and other biting bugs in your yard.

Mosquito Squad of Wilmington NC tick control offers a superior, EPA-approved barrier spray that safely eliminates 85% -90% of harmful bugs in your yard, including ticks, mosquitoes, and no-see-ums. And unlike other companies, we treat your entire landscape, not just the perimeter of your home. Our 100% money-back guarantee gives you peace of mind, knowing the experts in tick control are on your side, fighting predators that carry harmful illnesses, including Lyme Disease.

To learn more, or to schedule your appointment, we welcome your call at (910) 791-9800, email us at [email protected].

Pirates, Asian Tiger Mosquitoes, and Murrells Inlet Mosquito Control!

Hidden Marsh Appeal

Asian Tiger mosquitoes are aggressive daytime feeders.

Legend states that Blackbeard and other pirates in days gone by, cruised up and down our estuaries hiding their stolen treasures. Today, a new invader has taken over Murrells Inlet: the Asian tiger mosquito! Marked in bold black and white stripes, this aggressive daytime feeder has a voracious appetite. The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources states that “the Asian tiger mosquito has perhaps been the most successful aquatic invasive species to encroach into South Carolina…” The Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes Aegypti) was first documented in Texas in 1985 and now has entrenched itself throughout the South and Eastern Seaboard. Murrells Inlet is no exception. Those things which make Murrells Inlet so appealing to us: beautiful combinations of water, woodland, and marsh are also what make it the ideal habitat for marauding mosquitoes, particularly the Asian tiger.

Bounty from the Water

Mosquito eggs can produce hundreds of mosquitoes with each hatching.

Murrells Inlet currently holds the title of “Seafood Capitol of the South,” with legendary dishes of fresh shrimp, crab, flounder, and other local catches from the area waters. The Asian tiger mosquito wrecks havoc on our landscape by spawning her version of treasure into our waters, including our swamps and salt-water marshes: her eggs! One female can lay up to 3,000 eggs in her lifetime. They are one of only two breeds of mosquito whose eggs can thrive in either fresh or salty water. In order to lay her eggs, the Asian tiger mosquito needs blood. Sadly, she is not a picky eater: humans, birds, domestic animals, and wild animals all make perfect hosts. Unfortunately, this makes her the perfect vector (carrier) for numerous viruses such as West Nile Virus (WNV), Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), Chikungunya, and other exotic illnesses like malaria, dengue fever and yellow fever. For our pets, these pests carry heartworms. These harmful illnesses make Asian tiger mosquitoes not only a nuisance, but also a menace.

Send in the Squad

Barrier spray protection for your entire yard.Spring is here in Murrell’s Inlet and the mosquitoes, who have been hibernating are now coming out in force. Don’t let these pesky little swashbucklers ruin your time outdoors! To help prevent swarms in your yard, do standing water checks often. Tip over any buckets, tubs, kiddie pools, or anything else that could be used as a breeding ground. Freshen your bird baths every three days, so that this water source does not become a private oasis for thousands of mosquitoes. It is important to remember that these bugs only need a small amount of water to breed: as small as a bottlecap. Take back your yard from mosquitoes, especially the attacking Asian tiger mosquito by enlisting the help of Mosquito Squad of Myrtle Beach. Our EPA-approved barrier spray eliminates 85% – 90% of all adult mosquitoes and other bloodsucking pests and is backed by a 100% money back guarantee!

For proven, effective Murrells Inlet mosquito control, give us a call today at 843-492-0925 or email us at [email protected].


Chikungunya Virus Vaccine in Development in the Carolinas

Asian Tiger mosquitoes can transmit Chikungunya Virus.Over the past few weeks, the news has been buzzing about Chikungunya Virus. We have watched it infect travelers to the Caribbean and finally become locally transmitted in Florida last week. Being bombarded with so much sobering information, it would be nice to hear something positive regarding the disease. And here it is. Though there is no vaccine currently available, there is one in development, and it is happening here in the Carolinas!

Raleigh, North Carolina based biotechnology company Arbovax and Drs. Dennis Brown and Raquel Hernandez from North Carolina State University have developed a Chikungunya vaccine. It has completed preliminary testing though more extensive testing will be needed before it can be approved and made available to the public (Source). The implications of this news are very exciting. Though Chikungunya Virus is not normally fatal, it is extremely painful and is more dangerous to those who have other health problems. Arbovax is working on vaccines for other mosquito-borne illnesses as well.

Let us help protect you from Chikungunya Virus.Until the vaccine is approved and ready, vigilance and a few precautionary measures can reduce your risk of contracting Chikungunya Virus or another mosquito-borne disease. In order to avoid these diseases, you need to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes. Chikungunya Virus is spread by two species of mosquitoes. One of these is the Asian Tiger mosquito, which will bite during all hours of the day. Wearing light colored clothing can make you less attractive to mosquitoes, and covering up as much of your skin as possible by wearing long sleeves and pants will make it more difficult for them to bite. On your property, it is imperative that you eliminate standing water. Mosquitoes can breed in less than a teaspoon of stagnant water, and because they produce so many offspring, just a few mosquitoes can quickly become an infestation. Removing yard waste such as grass clippings can also make your property less attractive. Mosquitoes feed on plant juices, so leaving yard waste out is rather like spreading a buffet for them.

Finally, call Mosquito Squad of Wilmington and Mosquito Squad of Myrtle Beach. Even if you have no standing water in your yard, you could still have some mosquitoes. We offer several mosquito control options including barrier sprays, misting systems, and organic options. We are sure to have a mosquito control solution to fit your property’s needs. So contact us today and help stop the spread of Chikungunya Virus.

Mosquito Squad of Wilmington 910-791-9800

Mosquito Squad of Myrtle Beach 843-492-0925

Chikungunya Disease is Here. Mosquito Squad of Wilmington & Myrtle Beach Can Protect You

Asian Tiger mosquito feeds in the day and is transmitting Chikungunya3 confirmed cases in South Carolina, 10 confirmed cases in North Carolina and numerous cases in other surrounding states: Chikungunya is in our area. The news was certainly something to be aware of although travelers to other countries coming home imported all the confirmed cases. That changed last week when 2 local cases of the mosquito-borne virus were confirmed in Florida, where the first imported cases were initially noted, in residents who had not recently traveled.

Following the outbreak in other countries, the World Health Organization (WHO) along with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) published guidelines on preparedness and response for Chikungunya in an effort to prevent and control the disease once it appeared in the States. That has now been realized in the same manner that it appeared in other countries, by mosquitoes biting an infected person and transmitting the disease on. With the number of imported cases increasing rapidly, local transmission is now one to be concerned with.

While Chikungunya is considered a painful disease, not a fatal disease, there is no commercial vaccine available to prevent the illness nor any specific treatment. After being bitten by an infected mosquito, most symptoms present themselves within three to seven days and include high fever and severe joint pain however, headaches, back pain, myalgias, nausea, vomiting, polyarthritis, rash and conjunctivitis has also been reported. Atypical symptoms can occur, although rare and include neurological, ocular, cardiovascular, dermatological, and renal.

Eliminating exposure to mosquitoes protects you from illness.So how do you keep your family safe? The WHO and CDC’s report states the only available method for preventing an ongoing transmission of a possible Chikungunya epidemic is to protect individual against mosquito bites. Is it possible to protect your family against mosquito bites considering the Asian Tiger mosquito, the known aggressive daytime feeder, is the species of mosquitoes that transmits Chikungunya? The answer is yes, if you call Mosquito Squad of Wilmington or Mosquito Squad of Myrtle Beach. Our barrier spray eliminates up to 90% of mosquitoes in your yard, on contact. It’s our superior product combination applied to the foliage in your yard, where mosquitoes feed and rest that makes Mosquito Squad’s barrier spray so effective.

Our barrier spray program provides continuous protection, applied every 21 days on schedule, to your yard. In addition to eliminating mosquitoes on contact, the spray creates a barrier around your yard to keep additional mosquitoes away. Having your yard treated is the best prevention for mosquitoes and the bites that could transmit Chikungunya. In addition, taking a walk around your yard to tip over any standing water will eliminate areas where mosquitoes can breed. With the amount of rain we have received this summer, check areas like dog bowls, tire swings, clogged gutter and plant saucers. Mosquitoes only need a teaspoon of water to produce hundreds of eggs.

Together with your efforts to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds and Mosquito Squad of Wilmington and Mosquito Squad of Myrtle Beach’s barrier spray, mosquitoes can be eliminated from you yard, keeping you and your family safe from bites and potential disease. Call us today to sign up for our barrier spray program so you can enjoy your yard without the threat of mosquitoes and their bites.

Mosquito Squad of Wilmington 910-791-9800

Mosquito Squad of Myrtle Beach 843-492-0925

It’s What You Won’t See That Proves Mosquito Squad of Myrtle Beach’s Superior Protection

We hope you are making plans for a festive 4th of July this weekend filled with fun and fireworks. Remember while your outside watching the colorful bursts in the sky, you need to fight the bite as well. Mosquitoes will be out in full force around Myrtle Beach this weekend and with the increased activity, bites will abound.   Remember to follow Mosquito Squad of Myrtle Beach’s tips on keeping mosquitoes out of your yard; tip, toss, turn and treat those areas.

Trial_CouponMosquito Squad of Myrtle Beach’s effective barrier spray treatment is your best defense against biting mosquitoes and the transmission of diseases. Having our mosquito barrier spray applied to your Myrtle Beach yard will reduce the mosquito and tick populations by up to 90%. The spray contains ingredients that not only knock down the mosquitoes for instant elimination on contact but also continue eliminating them for 21 days. Not all barrier sprays can do that. There is a difference and we know once you try Mosquito Squad of Myrtle Beach’s mosquito barrier spray, you’ll see the difference. In fact, we are so sure you’ll be happy with the results we are offering your first trial spray for only $49.

Mosquitoes are eliminated on contact.How does our barrier spray work and why is it so effective? It works because we use the best products available and apply it to the vegetation in you yard, where we know mosquitoes rest and feed on the plant juices. It also creates a barrier around your property to keep mosquitoes and other flying insects from entering. Every 21 days, we return to apply another treatment for continual, season long coverage. With the added binding agent, our treatment will not wash away in the rain as long as it has only 20 minutes to dry.

With the new mosquito-borne disease, Chikungunya, spreading rapidly throughout the U.S., West Nile virus on the rise, Dengue fever around and a handful of other mosquito transmitted diseases, protection in Myrtle Beach this summer is more important than ever. Mosquito Squad of Myrtle Beach can protect you, your family and pets from these diseases and all it takes is one phone call to our office. Give us a try for $49 and see for yourself why we are considered the best mosquito protection in all of Myrtle Beach.

Are You Inviting Mosquitoes Into Your Yard?

Mosquitoes feed on plant juices.How versed are you with mosquito knowledge?  You probably know from experience how painful their bites can be.  You’ve probably heard in the media that they can transmit diseases like West Nile virus.  I’m sure you’ve read last week’s story about how quickly mosquitoes can multiply. Did you know that you could be hanging out with mosquitoes in your own backyard and actually creating breeding places without even knowing it?  If you have water and plants in your yard, you have all mosquitoes need to survive.

Water is essential for breeding since female mosquitoes must have standing water to lay their eggs and plant juices are the necessary food for mosquitoes. Some think mosquitoes feed on a blood meal for survival but only female mosquitoes feed on blood for its protein,  in preparation to lay eggs. At all other times, they eat plant juices like their male counterparts. That’s why its so easy to be attracting mosquitoes without being aware of it. Take a look at this photo and see if you can identify some of these sources in your own backyard.

Common backyard mosquito sourcesHere are some of the most common breeding areas around your yard:

1. Potted plants with saucers holding water.

2.    Pet Bowls

3.    Toys

4.    Bird Baths

5.    Ponds

6.    Neglected Pool

8.    Piles of Grass Clippings or leaves

9.    Leaky Hoses that saturates the ground

10. Holes in Trees


11. Clogged Gutters

12. Uncovered Boats

13. Tire piles or tire swing

14. Open Trash Can

15. Discarded small items

Small amounts of water are enough for mosquito eggs.Did some of these items surprise you? You wouldn’t think a discarded water bottle top would be enough water to lay a hundred mosquito eggs but a teaspoon is all that is needed. Now that you are aware of some of these potential breeding grounds, take a walk around your yard and tip over any items that can collect rainwater or even water from your sprinkler system. Change the water in your birdbaths and dog bowls daily to eliminate stagnant water. Take care of your pond or pool to be sure the water is circulating and clean up any piles of yard waste. Most importantly, call Mosquito Squad of Wilmington or Mosquito Squad of Myrtle Beach for season long mosquito elimination. Our barrier spray works continuously to eliminate mosquitoes on contact when they land to feed on the plant juices and creates a barrier around your property to keep additional mosquitoes out. Give us a call today to get started on your season long protection and start enjoying your yard again.

Protecting Your Pets from Mosquitoes, Fleas and Ticks in Wilmington and Myrtle Beach

What a great week of weather we have been having.  Sitting outside, have you noticed that we aren’t the only Wilmington and Myrtle Beach residents getting out to soak up the warmth?  That’s right, bugs are here already.  It happens quickly when the weather warms and the amount of precipitation we received over the winter and spring only accelerates the breeding process.  Mosquitoes, fleas and ticks are a problem for us and they are also a problem for our furry family members.

Mosquitoes and ticks can make your pets very sick.We often don’t think of insects affecting our pets but they absolutely can be harmful for them as well.  Mosquitoes, ticks and fleas bites are more than just a nuisance; they can each transmit vector-borne diseases to our pets.  While flea presence is quickly known by the incessant scratching and chewing, ticks can remain on our pets for a lengthy period of time, transmitting Lyme Disease, Ehrlichiosis and even an illness known as tick paralysis. The better known heartworm disease is transmitted from mosquitoes and can be deadly if not treated properly.

Mosquito Squad of Wilmington and Mosquito Squad of Myrtle Beach want to keep your four-legged friends safe and happy.  With our new flea and tick treatment, along with our proven mosquito protection, we can control the pests in your treated yard all season long.  Our barrier spray treatment is applied to the foliage in your yard every 21-days where mosquitoes and ticks reside, eliminating them on contact.  Additionally, we will spray your grass and shaded areas around your structure to keep fleas and ticks at bay.

Protect your pets with mosquito, flea and tick control.As with any treatment, it is still important to check your animals for ticks that have attached and remove them properly.  Annual veterinarian visits are essential to keep your pets healthy and calling Mosquito Squad of Wilmington and Myrtle Beach will not only keep mosquitoes, fleas and ticks away from your pets, you’ll be protecting your family as well.  Give Mosquito Squad of Wilmington and Mosquito Squad of Myrtle Beach a call today to get started on your pets protection and keep them safe all season long.

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Springtime Hatching in Wilmington & Myrtle Beach Includes Mosquitoes

Spring will officially be upon us this week. It’s an exciting time, especially in light of this year’s particularly chilly winter. Springtime brings flowers, warm breezes, new leaves, and hatching baby birds. It’s a wonderful time. But birds aren’t the only creatures hatching now. Mosquitoes are too.

This batch of mosquito eggs can produce hundreds of offspring.

Did you know that mosquito eggs live through the winter? They do. Though some can hibernate, most mosquito species cannot survive the winter as adults. They die off in November after temperatures begin to average below 50 degrees, but their eggs don’t die (or we would have far fewer mosquitoes to contend with). Mosquito eggs can survive in standing water even if it freezes. When the temperatures begin to rise again during the spring, these eggs hatch and become larvae. Mosquito larvae need water to develop and thrive. They spend the first 7-14 days of their lives there. This winter season has been particularly wet. With so much rain and melting snow, there is more standing water in our area than normal, giving both eggs and larvae more places to grow and develop.

Mosquito control is actually a year-round process. During the winter, ensuring that ditches and streams drain helps reduce areas that are hospitable to their development. As the weather warms, be sure you are eliminating mosquito eggs before they hatch by calling Mosquito Squad of Wilmington and Myrtle Beach. Our treatments target mosquitoes in each phase of their lives, and now is the time to stop those eggs from becoming larvae. If you are worried about treatment effects on your property, rest easy. Our treatments are registered with the EPA. They are approved for use around your home and are extremely effective at reducing the mosquito population, all while maintaining a safe environment for your family and pets.

As beautiful and miraculous as spring is, all hatching isn’t desirable. Protect yourself and your family from mosquito-bourne illnesses and painful bites this spring by contacting Mosquito Squad of Wilmington and Myrtle Beach. Throughout mosquito season, we will be there to keep those undesirable hatchers at bay.

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No Bug. No Bites. No Kidding.

Dread Skeeter, Mosquito Squad EnforcerThank you for visiting our blog site for complete mosquito control.  When we say no bugs and no bites we are not kidding.  For complete protection throughout the season, give us a call to schedule our barrier spray program for your yard.  We also offer a special event spray for those times when you want to keep mosquitoes and ticks off of your guest list.  One call does it all.  910-791-9800 in Wilmington and 843-492-0925 in Myrtle Beach.

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