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Adios Wilmington Fire Ants! Mosquito Squad’s Guaranteed Fire Ant Control Solution

Nothing ruins a day of fun in the yard like finding a fire ant hill with your flip-flop covered foot or worse yet, a barefoot. If you’ve been bitten by a fire ant before, you’ll recognize that burning fire feeling before you have a chance to knock the offending ant away. If you don’t feel your foot sink into the loose sand of the ant hill, you may have several scurry up your foot and leg before a single bite, leaving you with multiple stinging wounds. These painful bites are not just a momentary annoyance, but last for days and can be very dangerous. At Mosquito Squad of Wilmington, we want you and your family to enjoy carefree outdoor living in your backyard without the threat of painful fire ant bites.

Wilmington North Carolina Fire Ants

Have you noticed the lawn destroying fire ant mounds emerging in your yard after a good rain? These fire ants were nesting deep under your lawn, waiting for the soil to moisten and loosen to come up to the surface. These mounds can get very large if left undeterred, creating an unsightly and dangerous obstacle in your outdoor lifestyle. Disturbing fire ant mounds leads to an aggressive emergence of fire ants who crawl up vertical surfaces stinging and biting as they climb. This attack can be very dangerous for children and small pets.

Fire ants actually get their name from the painful result of their sting. While they do bite, to get a grip, they actually sting and inject a potent venom into the bite. Fire ants can sting multiple times and still survive. The painful bite will develop into a raised white pustule that will last for several days.

Fire ant stings are painful, indeed, but did you know they can be dangerous? A small percentage of the population is hypersensitive to fire ant venom and can experience a lethal allergic reaction. The very young, very elderly and those with suppressed immune systems may also experience a severe reaction to one or more fire ant stings. Even healthy people can suffer these adverse effects or anaphylactic shock if they experience a large number of bites at one time, although the opportunity for this to happen is rare.

Fire Ant Control in Wilmington NC

Mosquitos Squad of Wilmington offers a once a year fire ant control product. This granule product is guaranteed to provide fire ant protection for a full 12 months. It can be applied anytime of the year for the same great results. Contact us today to protect your family, pets and gorgeous landscape from this invasive backyard threat. 910-791-9800 Or fill out the Contact Us form on the home page and we’ll get back to you right away.

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