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Wilmington Outdoor Flea Control

There are many benefits to living in the Wilmington area, such as a warmer climate and beautiful waterfront property. Unfortunately, with the benefits of living here come minor inconveniences that can turn into much bigger ones, such as mosquitoes and other warm-weather-loving pests. Fleas, being one of those type of pests, also happen to be warm, furry-friend-loving pests, which can turn into a huge problem, as tiny as they are. Mosquito Squad of Wilmington can also treat fleas while also applying our already successful mosquito barrier spray.

The comfort of our furry family members is just as important as our human ones. In addition to their bites being itchy, fleas can transmit some pretty nasty illnesses that affect both people and pets. Tapeworms, skin dermatitis, anemia and tularemia are only a few of the problems that come with fleas.

If you’re not sure if your pet has fleas, an easy way to tell is if you turn Fido or Fluffy onto his or her back and your hands. But it’s not always that easy to determine — sometimes you need to look for flea dust. Take a paper towel (toilet paper or cotton balls should be fine as well) and put a very small about of water on it. Gently rub your pets fur on their belly, collar, and/or under their legs where their “armpit” is, and if it appears a reddish brown color, it is highly likely that they have fleas. Note that because they are constantly grooming themselves, flea dust may be more difficult to find on cats.

What is flea dust?

Not to gross you out, but flea dust is is old blood and feces that is left behind when fleas feed on your pet. This dry blood gives them a “black” appearance on skin or hair. If you touch it, it will feel slightly “grainy”, much like fine sand. While fleas are very small bugs, they actually consume quite a bit of blood when feeding on your pet, especially if there are many of them.

Flea dust (and fleas, for that matter) can also be found in blankets, beds (both yours and your pet’s), rugs carpet . . . well, anywhere really. Nobody wants fleas, and nobody wants flea dust. Most often, fleas get into your house by hitching a ride onto your furry friend while they’re outside in your yard and after that, your home can become the venue of well. . . a flea circus. Therefore, outdoor flea control is a vital component in your flea control arsenal.

Mosquito Squad’s Wilmington Flea Treatment Protocol

In addition to our traditional Wilmington mosquito control barrier spray, Mosquito Squad’s treatment for fleas includes an extra ingredient called “insect growth regulator.” As fleas grow, they shed their exoskeleton (much like reptiles molt their skin). Insect growth regulator prevents an insect from reaching maturity by interfering with the molting process. This in turn curbs infestations because immature insects cannot reproduce. It also prevents flea eggs from hatching, thereby stopping the life cycle. It usually takes a few treatments to eliminate an existing infestation, which is why we recommend signing up for season long flea control services.

Wilmington Flea Control is a Team Effort

Unfortunately, Mosquito Squad’s flea control treatment won’t get rid of all of these tiny biters, because there’s always the chance that your dog or cat will pick them up elsewhere, like on a walk or at a park or from another animal. Which is why it’s vital that owners still take preventative measures such as topical or oral flea control recommended by your veterinarian. This will ensure a much happier and healthier pet.

A flea-free pet is a happy pet, and a pest-free yard means that you and your family can enjoy summers outside without having to worry about itching or contracting dangerous illnesses. This means more cookouts, more entertainment, and for your furry friend . . . more fetch, fun, and doing that cute rolling around in the grass thing that they do.

If you’re a current Mosquito Squad of Wilmington customer, flea & tick control is simply a small additional fee. Give us a call today at 910-791-9800 to start your bite-free, worry-free, season-long protection for your entire family. Not only will your family be more comfortable, but Fido and Fluffy will thank you, too!

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