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Wilmington Special Event Mosquito Control Sprays and Protection – Weddings, clambakes, parties…

Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your big event. Call Mosquito Squad for mosquito protection at your wedding location.

You’ve waited a long time for your special day. Don’t let mosquitoes ruin it for you and your guests. Call Mosquito Squad of Wilmington for our special event spray to fight the bite at your wedding.

Caterers and party planners, work with Mosquito Squad. Don’t let anything go wrong at the big events you’re managing. Have Mosquito Squad protect the entire area so your guests can focus on the food and events and not on bugs.

Here’s how it works. Mosquito Squad provides a barrier spray protection service. Our barrier protection programs eliminates mosquitoes and other bugs within the area. We treat homes and yards but we also treat special event areas, wedding sites, and even movie sets. Just call for our special event mosquito protection service.

You’ve waited too long for that special day. Don’t let mosquitoes ruin it!

Having a family reunion this summer? We can protect your special event area from mosquitoes.

We protect pets too! Call us for mosquito protection in your yard!

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